Playstation web store coming to US this month; auto downloads to PS3 in development


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At CES 2013, Sony Network Entertainment COO Shawn Layden talks Music Unlimited and the PlayStation Store with CNET contributor Christopher MacManus.
Following a similar move in Europe, Sony plans this month to launch a Web browser version of its PlayStation Store so U.S. gamers can remotely browse titles and make purchases. Eventually, the Web store will allow users to buy a game on the browser and have that content automatically downloaded on the PlayStation 3.
I wonder if automatic downloads would make sense for Vita. Maybe as a case-by-case option so you have full might not want to use that if your battery is low for example.
Finally Sony catches up with one of my most used features on the 360. Great stuff, very useful feature, particularly if you don't like navigating the store on the console.
Hopefully we all get the auto download thing at the same time, that would be a god send for buying from the new store

(too bad they won't go back to the old one and just fix the problems with it instead of using this new store but I suppose they need it for the web store to work or something... meh)
Probably just preparing features for next gen. They don't have to use the same store but they've already got an implementation they can use.
They theoretically could though, since PS3/PSV/PSP all use it.

Cool. Bye horrifyingly awful PSN store layout. (Unless the web store will look the same... :/)
The web store will have a search bar you can use a keyboard on though. They could copy/paste the the console UI and it'd still be a win for me.
As a Euro I browse the online PSNS exclusively. Que all the stuff up + PSPlus items from my phone --> turn on PS3 when home --> Download List -> GO.

Vita store is not bad to browse but could use some improvements.


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SCE heard our cries and is delivering. Maybe now I'll check the store more frequently than I do with this shitty update.


helped a brotha out on multiple separate occasions!
Hopefully the site will be compatible with mobile browsers.
The EU store announcement said that would be added in the future.

The launch of the online store follows the recent redesign of PlayStation® Store (PS Store) for PS3 and is part of an on-going process of PS Store development. Both the PS Store and the online store will continue to be updated with new features that improve usability and convenience for finding, purchasing and accessing content. For example, users of the new online store can look forward to the addition of advanced recommendation functionality and automatic remote download of purchased content, as well as mobile phone and tablet browsing in the future.
About time. One of the things I like the most about Google Play is that when someone talks about a new app they liked I can buy it from the site and my cellphone will install it automagically.
Enjoy it, it's great. Only problem I've found so far is the lack of support for some browsers, notably mobile ones. The actual browsing experience is great - downloading things or adding the latest Plus content to my download queue is so much more convenient than the PS3.
Now you know why the US was mad jelly about EU getting it. The new store software on PS3 is terrible.

This news is just so:[/QUOTE]

Sony UK should develop the GUI for PS4 IMO. The devs from UK are the best at designing menus etc.
Good. I use it pretty much exclusively for PS3 buys now. So much better than that shitty Store app on console. Urgh.

Be good to see automatic downloads come, too.
I use the new web store almost exclusively now for "purchasing" all the new PS+ content every month. So much quicker for adding everything to the card, and two clicks to buy.

I definitely can't wait for the auto downloads.
The web store also inadvertently solves the download list not having a sorting option since I can just ctrl+F whatever. Need those automatic downloads stat!