PlayStation: "When Worlds Collide" [Insomniac game, leaked as R&C: Into The Nexus]

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Just saw the title update.

I won't get my expectations higher than a R&C game on PS4. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just that my previous expectation was set on something involving space.

Edit: @above: So we done here already? >_> damn.
So wait, this tease might be for a new Ratchet and Clank?

You have my ear, Insomniac. I know we've had our differences as of late, but ACiT was positively amazing and I would love another R&C game with the amount of love and polish that went into that one.

This could be so much better than some generic new shooter IP from Sony Santa Monica. Here's hoping.
+1 to the ignore list, lol. .

FFA was a spin off title that delivered all of the great R&C mechanics in really fun combat arenas, along with extremely competitive and balanced MP. To call it a piece of shit not only makes you look like a petulant little child, but it also makes you look like an elitist joke.

I'd rather be a megafan any day of the week than a hyperbolic pretentious gamer who refers to solid titles as "piles of shit".
Honestly I feel like Ted Price could take a shit on your desk and you would be telling us about how honoured you were to have him do it on your desk rather than somewhere else.

Also, MP means nothing to me. I want a solid single player experience.

Seriously you loved FUSE, which was not good, well the demo was awful at least. That tells everyone all they need to know about the veracity of your opinions on Insomniac developed games. That you'll take a NC R&C game when the premier team is working on an exclusive Xbox title also speaks volumes.
If Insomniac can make a Ratchet game as good as ACiT I will be all over it. That game was incredible and easily my favourite game the studio has ever made. It was Insomniac at its absolute best.
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