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Pokémon Cafe Mix announced for Switch and mobile

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Oct 24, 2017

Pokémon Cafe Mix announced for Switch and mobile

Like Pokemon Quest, Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free-to-start game that can be played on your Switch or your phone.

As part of a special Pokemon Presents video presentation, The Pokemon Company has announced a new Pokemon spin-off game for both Nintendo Switch and mobile (iOS and Android). Pokemon Cafe Mix is a puzzle game and it's free to start on whichever platform you choose. It's now available for preorder on the Eshop and App Store, and you can preregister the app on Google Play starting now as well.

In Pokemon Cafe Mix, you run a cafe that Pokemon visit. In order to serve drinks and dishes, you need to complete puzzles; this involves clicking a Pokemon icon and dragging it to an icon of the same Pokemon species, which then clears the icons. As you complete puzzles and serve customers, your friendship with the Pokemon will increase, which also unlocks cafe upgrades and new Pokemon customers.

According to listings on the App Store and eShop, Pokemon Cafe Mix may be available as soon as next week, on June 23. The game bears resemblance to 2018's Pokemon Quest, another free-to-start Pokemon spin-off that is available for both Switch and mobile devices.

The Pokemon Company also announced another mobile app, Pokemon Smile, which aims to help children with their dental hygiene. We also got news of another new spin-off game, New Pokemon Snap, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamespot


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Jan 7, 2007
Love that art style! Looks a lot like Tsum Tsum, though, which is pretty ancient.