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Pokémon Community Thread 3: "Soon, All of Hoenn Will Be Under Its Withering Glare…"

Playing Emerald on original GBA.

Between the shielding on the headphone port deteriorating over the years, resulting in a buzz, and the lack of a backlight resulting in some Xtreme Angles, this is a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend it.

EDIT: Also, trainers on routes are way easier than they are in ORAS. They're, like, several levels lower and have things like a Sandshrew when they would have had a Sandslash in ORAS.
From Twitter's terrible translation, Masuda seems to specify the anime. We're definitely getting clarification on blobby and maybe the silhouette but I think an actual game announcement will come later, like people were saying earlier in the thread. Two big game announcements in 1 week would be weird as well.


What does he say? His twitter is completely japanese :(

Roughly it's

Announcement! On Tuesday September 15th, new information on the Pocket Monsters TV Anime will be released. Check Monthly CoroCoro Comic and TV Tokyo!

Masuda never hypes anime stuff, and anime stuff is rarely in CoroCoro...only with big things like movies, specials etc.


And as I thought, Go is getting an early 2016 release. Expecting a twentieth anniversary game and Go to release sometime between early February and late March.

Not expecting more than anime, megagarde and the little green mystery thing from CoroCoro but Masuda hyping the release up is strange.
Welp Pokémon Go was the most disappointing piece of gen 1 pandering shit that I have ever seen.

Gen 6 continues to disappoint me.

On the bright side the Pokémon Go device looks cool and I might get one.

I don't see how it's Gen I pandering just because the first trailer only showed Gen I Pokemon. Wait till we actually see the game and get more details.
Bonnie can't handle a giant dinosaur so have a tiny blob instead? smh

Noibat evolves, so that's quick. Is it going to get kicked off the team too?
That Greninja design looks too minimal a change to be a Mega so I'm skeptical, but hey I'll take it. Maybe a form change? Or just an anime exclusive thing? Considering it's in Mega Evolution 4 though... It looks pretty good either way.

Zygarde though. Wow! The dog is hilarious and kind of adorable and the mech/golem thing looks awesome.


Zygarde's way more versatile than I would've thought. Don't dig the alt forms, but still pretty cool that it transitions so much.


My guess for Greninja is that it's just a random mutation like spikey eared Pichu. We might get it as an event thing in Z, but I doubt it'll be a mega or anything that special.
Whoa. Don't really care for Zygarde's forms but that's one fast evolution to Noivern. I wonder what Greninja's new form is...

And when will Ash get his sixth Pokemon?!

Edit: Whoa, he's bringing Sceptile back? Interesting choice. Way better than Charizard.


How has nobody made a thread for this yet? :p

Gen 7 ain't coming yet, Zygrade's new form is almost exactly how you'd expect it except red and blue on the sides, blob's a brain, also dog for some reason.

So how are they going to fit these forms into the game?
Considering that I called Blobby being a Zygarde form something along the lines of "LSD-levels of insanity", I guess I have to eat crow now. :X



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Can't believe the drought is finally coming to an end. What do you guys think we'll see in the new games? It's pretty much a given that the Battle frontier will return in some form. More outfits for the male avatar hopefully. Gym leader rematches and following Pokemon are on my wishlist too.

It's sad that soaring, dexnav, and secret bases probably won't be making a return though

Boss Doggie

all my loli wolf companions are so moe
*just came back from Boruto*
*all these news*

feels good

and yet that other thread already assaulted my intelligence with a few posts, how can I get hyped with those people?
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