Pokémon Community Thread 4: "Your Portal to What's Hip and Happening in Sinnoh!"

Jun 29, 2012

Zygarde looks ehhhhh (the concept of him changing appearance when powering up a certain percentage is neat though) but potential megafrog looks dope. But we might not even be getting Charizard X vs Y either now? Bah.
Feb 16, 2013
The Waffle Kingdom
I don't even post here that much but anything but I can't just ignore a thread that mentions Sinnoh in its title <3

Do you guys think that Detective Pikachu game is still a thing? Wasn't that supposed to release this year too? Maybe they're saving it for the 20th.
I'm really missing these big Pokémon spin-offs, where's my new Pokémon Ranger anyway? :(
Mar 20, 2009
*pokes head in*

After the while ID thread thing happened, I decided to check and see my ability to identify every Pokemon by picture. As it turns out, I am really close to remembering them all (names):

G1	0	151	0.00%
G2	1	100	1.00%
G3	0	135	0.00%
G4	1	107	0.93%
G5	12	156	7.69%
G6	6	72	8.33%
Total	20	721	2.77%
So as it turns out, I can recall 97% of names, with a picture. The ones I missed are
Dunsparce, Rampardos, Gigalith, Scolipede, Basculin, Krokorok, Sigilyph, Emolga, Ferroseed, Ferrothorn, Tynamo, Bouffalant, Mandibuzz, Heatmor, Spewpa, Pyroar, Swirlix, Carbink, Gourgeist, and Avalugg
. OF those, I always forget about

Some of the ones I remember took me a long time, though - the names will come to me when I'm doing something else. Others I remember in chains - I remember the 4 trade evos of G1 as a group, all early bugs/birds as a group. When I can't remember, I recollect my playthrough of each game, as well as gym leader teams.

In any case, I need practice :p
May 8, 2012
I'm just excited that there's finally signs of a new game coming. The break in releases was good I guess, cause now I'm really hungry for a new Pokemon RPG haha
May 8, 2012
I like the mystery dungeon games but I also find them incredibly frustrating. I'm interested in checking out this new one if it features all the Pokemon + Megas.
I can see Mystery Dungeon being a horrible experience if you have to do, like, everything for the purposes of coverage. I like Mystery Dungeon but don't have to play the games like that.
It's not just that. I don't like the idea of spending an hour in a dungeon, only to lose and get nothing whatsoever from it.

That said, I'll be hooking up my Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/SerebiiSPP) up to Super Mystery Dungeon once I've done a bit of it and upload Meowth's Dungeon videos
Dec 4, 2014
Stockholm, Sweden
I find the Mystery Dungeon games to be as fun as the mainline games. I really like the gameplay.

And when it comes to losing in dungeons, I don't really have any problem with that, but I can see how it bothers some. Some dungeons have checkpoints, where you can save. I don't remember any dungeons that took one hour to beat aside from the optional ones though.