Pokémon Community Thread 4: "Your Portal to What's Hip and Happening in Sinnoh!"

Shiiiit I can't remember if I have any.

But if we do have one you remember later my reddit name is the same as my GAF name.
I think I picked you up a Pokémon game here, but we can talk about that later on Reddit. I like how the Pokémon subreddit is very useful especially for TSV hatching! At this rate I'll have EV trained VGC 2018 ready pokes that will happen to also be shiny!

I got these TSV hatched recently:

Bounsweet x2

Also got an event PC Easter Egg Drampa shiny hatched too!
Sep 3, 2014
I know I never post here but I would like to keep up with the Poke community here, you guys are always spot on if I need help.

Ill continue to post on Gaf, I'm mainly here for the nerd stuff any ways but where is everyone gonna be at now? With US/UM coming out I need my Poke peeps.

Edit: I'm guessing I should ask for a discord invite too?
May 19, 2009
PokéGAF you were too good for this world. I will also truly miss the most amazing Pokémon all 721 of them thread.

Thanks for being so awesome. Catch you all later. Time to release my account from Bill's PC.

Water Type is the best.
Feb 2, 2008
Been thinking back on some old threads in my final lap around GAF before taking off and I think my favorite GAF experience was participating in the GAF Pokemon League. XY was the game where I decided I was going to try to get into competitive Pokemon, if only just to really understand it. The league was a great trial by fire. I was getting stomped pretty hard at first, but I was learning a lot. The mono-type gyms taught a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of 'mons beyond just their type, how important team composition is, and even the importance of moves like Fake Out for covering your partner as they set up. Eventually I stated applying what I learned and started taking matches, eventually earning my eight gym badges. The Elite Four never really materialized for me to then challenge, but that's alright, I had gained a great appreciation for Pokemon through the journey.
Dec 6, 2011
Would love an invite to the Discord as well. Great community here, like others regret not getting more involved than i did in this OT. Was a great way to keep up with the latest. Please PM me or DM on Twitter if you feel more comfortable doing that. Thanks in advance guys/gals