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Pokémon Community Thread 4: "Your Portal to What's Hip and Happening in Sinnoh!"


Glad to see this thread as I wanted to at least farewell to you guys before I leave this wreck of a place, you guys were cool and and one of my highlights of my time here.

I enjoyed reading your post, I enjoyed responding to your post, I enjoyed sharing details of my Pokémon adventures.

But this isn't farewell, I will be hanging out over at discord Pokégaf, still as Mr-Joker, and when the new site launches I will probably shift over to there.

Other wise you can get in touch with me on my twitter account SamuraiDon

Farewell Pokégaf it has been quite a ride, see ya on the other side.


I was banned for like a week. WTF happened to the forums? I don't see Off-Topic anymore. Did I get banned from that section because when I tried to go into one of the ot community threads a message came up.

There is no Off-topic, Evilore nuked it.

Evilore, the owner of Gaf was accused of sexual harassment and rather than release a statement he went into hiding leaving the mod to clean up his mess.

They all decided to quit mostly because they knew that this was not the first time Evilore has shown his true colours.

Huh.. is PM working for anyone else? I’ve been trying to PM Mr Joker

I will still be around till midnight, UK time, or till I get banned, whichever comes first.

Otherwise you can reach me via my twitter account.


Could I get a Discord invite as well? Never really posted here before but I was hoping to get involved with VGC talk before all this mess happened.


Might as well request an invite as well. Not sure if I want to stick around here. PokeGAF was always such a help in sharing codes for GameStop Pokémon distributions.


They changing quite a few things in USUM, but i havent heard anything about the most important to me: Plaza improvements.


They changing quite a few things in USUM, but i havent heard anything about the most important to me: Plaza improvements.

Well, there's this from Eurogamer Portugal's recent interview:

O Festival Plaza é uma parte importante do mundo que criamos, portanto, ainda está lá. Todavia, adicionamos algumas funcionalidades como o Alola Photoclub, no qual podes tirar fotografias e guardá-las e/ou partilhá-las com outros jogadores. A base para isto é o Festival Plaza. Existe outra novidade nesta área, mas não podemos falar dela neste momento. Apenas podemos dizer que está relacionada com o sistema de combate de jogos anteriores.

Festival Plaza is an important part of the world we have created, so it is still there. However, we added some features like the Alola Photoclub, where you can take photos and save them and/or share them with other players. The base for this is the Festival Plaza. There is something else new in this area, but we can not talk about it right now. We can only say that it is related to the battle system of previous games.

Also, may I please get a Discord invite as well? I'd hate to lose track of you guys.
I'd like to actually get in on the ground floor and maybe participate a bit more in wherever all the good Pokemon stuff is. Echoing the request made above!


Might anyone have an extra Alola Cap Pikachu? I thought the distribution was through 10/31, not 10/30. I've got an extra NA Salazzle, NA Marshadow & NA Charizard code to trade. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.


PokeGAF dead? I have a spare AUS Marshadow and Shiny Silvally code if anyone is still around. Just PM me if you want them first in first served.


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videoremoved youtube fucked up the upload :/
Not necro!
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It glitches a bit on the mime fight :/ Might be my video recorder. Eh.


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Bumping this thread is rather timely @Whataburger (Hee ho!)

My 7-year-old son got into both the videogame and the card game (TCG) over the past 4 months. Since his reading level is up to snuff, Pokemon AlphaSapphire has taken the envious position of his first full-blown RPG (and M&L Partners in Time on the side). I even got him that sweet Pikachu 2DS for his birthday awhile ago:


So he's been enthralled with that, telling me about evolutions and how he wants to raise a Pichu all the way up to a Raichu. He even has one of those well-worn Pokedex guides will all 9,000 Pokemon listed. :messenger_crying:

He's owned a bunch of the TCG cards for about a year, too, but he never played the actual game. Over the weekend, he wanted to play the game "for real", so I taught him the rules. I borrowed a pre-made deck that my wife had bought to play against him and I crushed him. The problem is he stacked his deck full of his favorite Pokemon and had about 6 energy in total.

So, it was a fun opportunity to explain to him why he needed more energy and how to build a good deck. It's always fun digging into your own childhood for advice to offer your son or daughter.
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If your son is interested in the TCG you could always get him to try the Pokemon TCG game on GBC. I know its on the 3DS store, while it doesn't have a lot of the modern mechanics the core mechanics of the game have never changed so he can understand it easier at his own pace.
A guy claims to be a legit leaker, he correctly provided two things in the Twitter Hoenn video ( hot weather and Togepi Paradise - Mirage Island) so take this with a grain of Salt, but it's worth a Read imo

Game will be revealed on Tuesday 26th
Pokemon Kingdom Red and Pokemon Kingdom Green
Open world, multiple regions
Start in a new region but can progress to either Kanto or Johto or others early on. "Many new regions"
Over a hundred new Pokemon
Hints at a Dragon Eeveelution
Experience scaling system that scales with game progress and means you spend longer with Pokemon before they evolve
New HM system. Use Pokemon to explore
Access to Pokemon box from anywhere like in Let's Go
Free roaming but with story paths
Team Rocket in a potentially helpful role
Possible Co-op
Fire starter is a goat


This isn't important but I'm happy. After hundreds of tries with the masuda method I have finally bred a shiny mudkip. It is my favorite pokemon and I named him Purple! Now that I got him I'm not sure what I'll sink my time into sun for now.
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