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Pokémon Go |OT 3| "No Officer, I'm a Passenger"


  • Available for: Android [4.4.4 or later] and Apple [iOS 8.0 or later] devices

Pokemon GO is now available in many different countries! Please check your regional app store to see if it's available!


Welcome to the World of Pokemon aka Earth. That's right, for the first time, Pokemon are right here on our own planet! They're in your house! Outside of your house! They watch you while you sleep!

When you first start up your game, you'll be prompted to log in with either a Pokemon Trainer Club Account or a Google/Apple(?) account. We've got a lot of reports that the PTC is being hammered so it might not be a bad idea to just log in with your regular app store account.

After logging in, Professor bishounen Rick Sanchez Willow will give you a real quick rundown of everything. Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle will appear at your feet and you'll start the battle sequence. Essentially for capturing Pokemon in this game, you'll be flicking the Pokeball towards them and hoping for a capture. Every Pokemon retains the capture rate from the games, so rarer Pokemon (like fully evolved forms, etc) will be harder to capture. You're given 50 Pokeballs to start off with.


why he dress in layers though. its too hot out for that.

After catching and entering your username, you'll be free to start exploring!


After the new December 2016 update and removal of the previous tracking systems, Niantic has fully implemented the beta tested "Nearby" feature for everyone.


Pokemon encounters are split up into "Nearby" and "Sightings" encounters. Nearby Pokemon occurs when there's a PokeStop nearby. By tapping on the Pokemon, you can see what Stop it's nearby. In this case, Rattata is by a nearby church, Metapod is by a monument. By tapping the Pokemon, you can see where exactly this Stop is in relation to your location, and the Pokemon is guaranteed to be there. Sightings also returns, in this scenario Pokemon to the left are closer to you; Oddish is closer to my location than to Tentacool or Krabby.

In addition to capturing a Pokemon, you'll want to capture more of the same Pokemon as well because you'll get "X Candy" which is how you'll evolve and "train" your Pokemon.


Each capture usually grants 3 of that Pokemon's candy and if you have extra mons, you can send them to the Professor to get one more of that type of candy as well.

Of course, you should hang onto some of your extras because.....


You gotta fight for what you believe in! Pokemon Gyms are available in random places throughout our world (likely similar spots in Ingress) which you can challenge, train or take over.

You wont be able to do so until Level 5 though so make sure you capture lots of Pokemon!

When you challenge a Gym for the first time, you'll get to choose a team

Choose whichever team you'd like. Which should be Team Valor.
Right now the teams have no effect on gameplay, however it was revealed at the SDCC Go panel that the leaders would play a bigger role down the line.

Your team leader will also pop up and give you information on your Pokemon. What do they mean? Here's a handy guide:
And then support your team!

When challenging a gym, you'll be fighting a Pokemon left there by another player. If there isn't one, you should be able to simply capture it..and leave your own Pokemon there to protect it! (that's why you might want to hold onto stronger extra Pokemon!)


In battling, you can either:

  • Do a ‘Fast Attack’ – tap your Pokemon to perform this move. This charges your ‘special meter’.
  • Dodge attacks – swipe left or right on the screen when your opponent strikes to avoid taking damage. (Currently, you can avoid 75% of the damage dealt)
  • Do a ‘Special Attack’ – once that special meter is charged, press and hold on your Pokémon to perform the move. This will do considerably more damage to the opponent!

A Pokémon faints when all of their HP is depleted, and a battle won when no more Pokémon remain on the opponent’s side. Damage depends on your Pokémon’s ‘CP’ (Combat Points). Higher level Pokémon have a higher CP rating. This number differs from Pokémon to Pokémon (even those of the same species). You gain more access to more powerful Pokémon with higher CP the higher your trainer level. However, evolved Pokémon tend to have a higher CP than unevolved ones, and so forth. Type advantages and your Pokémon’s moveset will come into play as well.

If there's other players in your area of the same team as you, you can team up and fight the enemy Pokemon to capture the gym for your team. If you encounter a gym of your color, you can leave a Pokemon to help defend it, or train there and power up your mons!


PokeStops are the other locations you'll find in the world. These places are simply checkpoints you can visit and get items from. Simply get close to one, tap the icon and spin the image to receive 3 or more items. (You should be able to visit again in 5-10 minutes)


You can get lots of great stuff from PokeStops like more Pokeballs, incense (to capture Pokemon!) and even eggs which you can incubate and hatch.
(Note, region exclusive Pokemon can't be hatched in other regions, ie you can't hatch a Mr. Mime from an egg you got in the US)
As of the Dec 2016 update, you can get Gen 2 Pokemon: Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Magby, Smoochum and Elekid.
As of Feb 2016, all Gen 2 are now available.
They mostly seem to be at churches or memorials throughout many cities, so check there first. You're bound to find some.


Buddy Pokemon is a new feature that came out for Pokemon Go on September 10th. The Buddy System allows you to select one of your Pokemon to walk with you. Each Pokemon will find a candy after walking a certain distance (between 1km, 3 km or 5 km).

[Ditto header Coming soon]
Ditto is a special Pokemon you can now find in Pokemon Go! Ditto is hiding as a common Pokemon, so you'll have to capture some common shitmons so you can find it! After catching, the screen will say "Oh?" and you'll be greeted by a screen showing Ditto.


So you're probably wondering about Legendary Pokemon like the birds and Mew/Mewtwo. Well, from our understanding, these Pokemon will be released in future events. That's really all we know! Sorry! However, Pokemon GO has some other neat events going on:


Halloween Event 2016 (October 26th 2016 - November 1st 2016)
Zubat, Golbat, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Meowth, Cubone, Marowak, Drowzee and Hypno will appear more often during this time. In addition, you'll gain double candy from transferring and capturing a Pokemon and 4x as much when walking with a buddy Pokemon! [instead of 1/3/5 km, you only have to walk .25/.75/1.25 km for a single candy]


Thanksgiving Event 2016 (November 23rd 2016 - November 30th 2016)
During Thanksgiving, there was a double XP event.


Christmas Event 2016 (December 12th 2016 - December 29th 2016)
This event was to celebrate the holidays. A Special Pikachu with a Santa hat appears in the wild; it will keep the hat upon evolution. In addition, eggs now have a chance to hatch into the first Gen 2 Pokemon: Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Magby, Smoochum and Elekid.


Valentines Event 2017 (Feb 8th 2017-Feb 15th 2017)
This event is to celebrate Valentines Day. Candy is doubled, "Pink colored" Pokemon are more commonly appearing, and Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum will appear more commonly in Eggs


Gen 2 Release (Feb 16th 2017)
Gen 2 Pokemon were finally released in the world in Feb 2017. Over 80 new Pokemon are available to find!


Pokemon Day Celebration (Feb 26th-Mar 6 2017)
This event celebrated Pokemon Day; the anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green launching in Japan. Its the 21st Anniversary this year! A special Pikachu wearing a Festive Hat was released into the game. Just like the Santachu, Festivechu keeps the hat when it evolves.


Pokemon Water Festival (Mar 22- 29th 2017)
Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile, and their evolutions are more likely to appear during this event, especially the Johto ones. In addition, Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados have been released.


Pokemon Go Plus is an extra accessory you'll be able to pick up for Pokemon Go at on September 16th. Costing $34.99, you can wear it on a wristband or clip it to your shirt. The accessory connects to the game via bluetooth. With it, you can leave your phone in your pocket and let Pokemon Go run in the background while not missing out on captures and Stop loot.


When the Plus is blue, that means there's a PokeStop nearby. Tap the button to claim the items.


Green means a Pokemon you already have registered has appeared. Plus will try to capture it for you with a Pokeball. If the Pokemon breaks free, it'll immediately flee.


Yellow means a Pokemon you haven't registered in the Dex yet has appeared. Might be good to hop into the phone to try to capture it instead of hoping Plus will do it.

Upon successful capture, Plus will flash all the colors together. If it doesn't, or the connection to the game has been lost, it'll flash red.


- Why can't I find X Pokemon?
Different Pokemon appear all throughout the country and world! Try checking out new places if all you're getting is the same Pokemon. Additionally, scope out PokeStops and hope you get some eggs, which can hatch into any Pokemon. Some Pokemon are rare (usually evolutions and starters) but you also wont be finding other certain Pokemon, namely the legendaries and Ditto. It also would appear that certain Pokemon are exclusive to one region or another: Tauros is exclusive to North America, Mr. Mime is exclusive to Europe, Farfetch'd in Asia and Kangaskhan in Australia.

Update Feb 2017: It would appear with Gen 2 we've got a few more regional exclusives. Heracross: Western Hemisphere south of the 30th parallel North; Corsola: between the 30th parallel North and 30th parallel South

-How do I fight gyms?
After getting to level 5 access a gym and select your team. You can fight other gyms and take them over, or you can train and add Pokemon to one held by your team. If there's animations happening around it, it's under attack. You might be able to fight with someone or have to defend it!

-Why isn't X working?
Be patient, The game is under a lot of stress because of how many people are playing. If something isn't working, you might have to simply come back later. If something freezes, wait a while, kill the app and try again.

-AR is bugged for me halp!
In battle you can turn off AR in the top right to display a generic grassy background. This works really well if you're trying to go after a Pokemon like Zubat that's small and flaps all around.

-What does CP mean? What does the XL/XS/whatever mean for the Pokemon?
CP is "Combat Points", think of it as a Pokemon's "level" from the main games. CP is how strong they are when attacking and is modified based on several factors including the size, weight, species, and even your trainer level. Your level I think is the most important because you wont be finding really good mons until you begin to level up. CP doesn't matter much on a overall scale, but it's useful when taking on a gym so you don't get btfo by a Raticate. But you can fight stronger ones regardless of your CP...and your stronger CP mons can be taken out by babbies.

- How can I tell what my Eevee is going to turn into. I heard [insert rumor here]
After previous speculation, it was officially revealed at the Pokemon GO SDCC16 Panel that you can get a specific Eeveelution from naming the Eevee a corresponding name. They're an easter egg revolving around the Eevee Brothers from the Pokemon anime. Update for Gen 2; you can name Eevee after Tamao (Umbreon) and Sakura (Espeon), two trainers once again from the anime who had the Johto evolutions.


Crab has revealed that the game's internal code was dumped and helped us sort out a few things. Lucumo has gathered some of the info revealed so far.
Helpful Companion Apps

- Google Opinion Rewards [Android Only]: Do quick surveys which give you Google Play credit that you can spend on items in the Shop.
- AchieveMint [iTunes Only]: Gain points while walking and doing other healthy activities including looking for Pokemon. You can turn the points into gift cards.

- Walk for a Dog: While out walking, you can walk for a local animal shelter and the app will donate money to them. You're out walking anyways, and you can help some puppers.
- Charity Miles: While out walking you can choose a charity and a corporate sponsor will donate to them based on how much you've walked/ran/biked.


Trailers & Videos :

Check out some more of our PokeGaf community!

[Thanks to DailyPokemonCommunity and Serebii.net for some of the images and details of the game.
We still playin this?

Just kidding, but I've been playing a lot less since I think I've found almost everything my area has to offer.
I've been playing a lot less the past month.

How do you all do it?

Same. I actually really enjoy it, but I've been a lot busier to the point I can't play POGO when on a bus and haven't had time for as many walks lately. Been at least three weeks since I've opened the app. Might change when my schedule gets less hectic.


Dead in my town now. Spots that held hundreds over the weekend now have a few die hards at the most. No lures anywhere. Gyms are fully packed because people don't bother fighting them anymore.

Its over, atleast where I am.
Ayyyy we new thread now.

Holy shit I didn't realize the Professor is actually Rick Sanchez. It all makes sense now. This game is all a practical joke on us Jerrys.


Neo Member
speaking of pokemon go decline. the four stops in front of san francisco's beach chalet restaurant has gone from 100~ players to more or less 5 people. probably because many passerbyers shit on the players for crowding up such a nice area.

what probably isn't happening anymore:

(that's a lil too close to the restaurant ppl, u can reach the pokestops from the other side of the small parking lot and not crowd the entrance.)

i only tried that place a couple times but man every so often when i did go, it's like high school punks (drivers in nearby traffic) ragging on "nerds"(pokemon go players)

there are so many better spots though, but i feel many kinds of people ruined this pokestop hotspot


Formerly Alaluef (not Aladuf)


almost level 20. haven't played as much in the past few days, but I'll def be back on it after they release the new tracking.


...hate me...
Posting in new thread for good luck and prosperity.

May it ever bring me enough Magikarps.

Been a bit out of the game lately, and I think I will keep being until I get a short Lightning cable. Battery is too precious these days for me and carrying my regular charging cable is a hassle.
speaking of pokemon go decline. the four stops in front of san francisco's beach chalet restaurant has gone from 100~ players to more or less 5 people. probably because many passerbyers shit on the players for crowding up such a nice area.

what probably isn't happening anymore:

(that's a lil too close to the restaurant ppl, u can reach the pokestops from the other side of the small parking lot and not crowd the entrance.)

i only tried that place a couple times but man every so often when i did go, it's like high school punks (drivers in nearby traffic) ragging on "nerds"(pokemon go players)

there are so many better spots though, but i feel many kinds of people ruined this pokestop hotspot

I know I have fallen off the game. There just isn't anything to do and the gyms are so overpowered that it isn't worth my time


New thread smell.

Really hope this new "buddy" Pokemon thing pans out into something interesting. And new incense types too, if you can buy fire-tuned ones I am all over that.

Also, rebalance like, all the things


Got nine 5km eggs just sitting here. None are in incubators cause I don't have enough coins to get the six more I need. Gonna have to spend money on this game finally if I want them all to hatch at the same time...which I do.


Can't believe I'm still playing this game and am pretty invested

Niantic has kept me along for this wild ride
It looks like they may be limiting the amount of times you can use a particular PokeStop in a day? Uh oh...

welp, that sucks to hear , gotta squeeze to get some extra money :p
My cousin has a pokestop in the office he works at, he just collects every 5 minutes

whats the word on those cheap bracelets , so much money lost on not getting them out to people during the summer, you fucked up Nintendo/Niantic
Thought I was having a great day but then missed a Porygon... which I couldn't get to because it was in a workplace that takes up a square mile and has security gates at all entrances. Somehow I don't think the guards would understand "but I just wanna catch a pokemon!"
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