Pokémon Go |OT| As in "Go Outside"

Feb 18, 2014
My closet gym/stop is a short drive away, but when I got there to reclaim it, the server issues got me right as the enemy hit 1 HP (or that is a glitch, like I've been seeing posted around). Either way, servers went down and I didn't get the gym.

Wish I could create a Poke Stop by my house lol. I'm constantly out of Poke Balls.


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May 2, 2015
The App Store and Google Play pictures are links. You can click on them to take you to the games page on that platform.
I wondered why all that white space was there...I have no clue why the pictures aren't displaying

EDIT: Used the company's website to link to it and now I can play! Yay! Thank for the help!
Jul 11, 2014
The app and servers were bugging out while I was just walking down to the nearest gym and pokestop during my break. I missed out on a few pokemon but nothing too serious. I tried doing a gym training session which is just a gym battle without the rest of your squad to back up your main. It didn't seem that fun. Also standing near a street corner in front of a YMCA/ across from a cemetery is a bit weird.

I took a 5 minute break at this bench which also happened to be on top of a pokestop. It would've been a great spot for a lure, but the servers are dead every 2 minutes. I caught someone looking at me while I was attempting to capture a zubat just smirking at me. He knew what I was up too lol
Dec 2, 2007
Tulsa, OK
I live right across the street from a stop and a gym (just slightly out of reach from the inside of my house) which is awesome. Do I also see a lot of people playing. So why am I having server issues while this dude fights a gym? Gr.
Sep 1, 2012
Nah. This is WoW TBC levels of bad. If these problems keep going into the weekend, it will definitely start cannibalizing users. Mobile game players are fickle and typically if a game spends one whole week in the shitter, it will effect the user base.

The APK leaking had nothing to do this. The game is officially launched in all regions. The APK was out for about 12 hours before this became an issue. What really did them in was sites like IGN and Gamespot posting direct download links to the APK, which gave people who wouldn't normally know the means to sideload an application the ability and know how to do so.

I'm not gonna lie, I figured they'd have it mostly sorted by now. Three days in you kind of have an idea of the size of your returning user base going into the weekend. The fact that's it getting worse and not better is a troubling sign.
The game still isn't out in all markets even inside the US. I still get "not available in your region" on the play store. Chill.
Nov 17, 2013
I was going for a jog around my neighborhood last night starting at 11PM (I'm a night jogger), I can't imagine what my neighbors think I'm up to stopping every 20 ft or so to flick my phone. Someone must have been watching me when I had my phone aimed at their car in the driveway and they honked their horn three times using the remote key lock. Sorry bud, I'm not scoping out your sweet 2010 Toyota Camry, just trying to catch some Pidgeons.
Oct 1, 2010
I keep on getting an error message when I load it up. Are the servers being hammered, or is it just me?

Caught a Bulbasaur then it crashed. Unable to get anywhere after the crash.
Just got off work and on my way home. Notice a guy downtown on his bike and dressed in all black. I think myself "ok...." and then notice the giant red R on his shirt and he has his phone out. Damn Team Rocket at it again.

This game is incredible.
I knew this would happen lol. I just hope no one actually tries to steal a phone as a prank.


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Jun 28, 2009
I'm back in but servers aren't stable, couldn't interact with the stops or gym while at the mall over lunch. :( I want to push the "Horse of Hearts" Gym up to the next level and donate my Raticate dang it!
The lures are brilliant. This is wild stuff. There's so much potential being brought into the foreground here...

Quonny said:
We'll see how long this lasts, but more than anything this gives me an excuse to walk. Already walked four miles today when I probably would have walked less than one.

yay for fatasses
Whenever I'm sitting around my place and see that Magikarp have popped up in my "Nearby" tracker, I get up and go outside until I've got them all. I've extended my bike routes because it will let me take another pass at a few pokestops. It's really quite something.