Pokémon Moon and Sun leaked

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Oct 18, 2011
via https://twitter.com/Nerd_Leaks

We all of us know that Nintendo will broadcast tomorrow a new Pokémon Direct to celebrate 20 years of the franchise and to announce a new chapter probably. But none of us knows what the Japanese publisher will show in details. Looking at the trademarks registered in the European Market, we have found two new registrations requested by Nintendo itself just today. The requested trademarks are named “PoKéMoN SUN” and “PoKéMoN MOON” and both they report a logo. So, it is undeniable that Nintendo has intention to announce two new Pokémon versions. We don’t know for what platform, but it is very likely that the two title will be available for Nintendo 3DS. So prepare yourself for tomorrow!
You can find the trademarks here https://oami.europa.eu/eSearch/
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