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Pokémon Sun and Moon Starters Revealed. Releases November 18th 2016.


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Just saw the trailer. I'm not a fan of the owl, but I liked the other two. Nowhere near my favorite starters, but they aren't ugly. I believe their final evolutions are going to be fire/dark and water/ice.

I really liked what was shown of the setting and the dynamic camera, it seems like a proper evolution from XY's. The art style is great too, leaving behind the chibi design of characters and using models similar to the cutscenes or dressing menu from XY is a fantastic thing.

Both legendaries look really cool. Can't wait to play these games. I'll probably go with Moon.
I think the Pseudos in this game are gonna be sick.

You people are crazy, the bat is such a good legend. Still getting Sun because of traditional but seriously, that legend looks so good.

It's not that the bat is terrible, its just the lion looks so damn badass. Im certain that bat is gonna be a goddamn problem in regards to moveset.


What the heck at the moon legendary.

Was a bit disappointed by it as well. I was almost decided to go with Moon before that trailer, since I already got Omega Ruby... now I'm divided. Still need to see the other exclusives pokemon to decide...

I mean... the legendary seems a bit awkward. But I still don't think it's that bad.
Being team moon since the beginning and being sure it was the version I wanted..than seeing the mascots and thinking to myself.... I made the right choice lol. Space bat ftw
Don't get why ya'll don't like the bat. I think it looks sick. Gonna have to see what the rest of the exclusives are before I decide which version to get, though.


Aww they're all so cute. Especially the owl which is basically one big circle and nubby legs.

I'm betting Grass/Flying, Fire/Dark, Water/Fighting by the end.
Picking a starter is going to be harder than I thought this time around. For me at least. I really like all 3 of them and both legends seem pretty awesome.


Alright, so the frame rate hasn't been fixed. The route design looks to be bad so far (give them a pass until I've seen more). Music still sounds like a mess following Gen VI.

Starter Pokémon and designs look OK now that I've thought about it.


Grass flying
Fire ghost (idk why, I think the dark coloring is to throw us off...or maybe even electric lol)
Water ice

I wonder what the evil team is gonna be doing. Trying to make everything a tourist trap? lol
They can't possibly fuck up post game three times in a row...right?

Ideally Sun/Moon would break the mold of generation intros having lacking postgame content to make up for whatever the fuck was going on in Gen 6, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that.

We do know that GF is aware of how pissed people were about the Battle Frontier.
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