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Pokémon XY Final Starter Evos leak thread. (NO OTHER LEAK DISCUSSION ALLOWED!!!)


For those of us staying out of the leak thread but do want to know about the final starter evos before beginning our grand ol' Poké-journey.

please DO NOT post about any other leaked information. this includes anything which has not been revealed from an official source

CHESNAUGHT - Grass/Fighting

DELPHOX - Fire/Psychic

GRENINJA - Water/Dark

fan art:



Is... is that his tongue?

Chessnaught is pretty disappointing, I'm not a fan of Delphox's ear hair but that frog ninja is pretty sick.


Greninja is the best one.

If Delphox looked like that fanart it would have been good. That big red dress looks bad.


The Delphox's "robe" (not sure if quotations are needed or not) reminds me a little bit of the akatsuki robe, particularly with the logo.


Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.
Greninja ony looks good because they other two look fucking terrible.

Pick your poison.
From the beginning I knew Froakie was the best choice. Probably my favorite starter line tied with the Squirtle line, and it usually takes me a while to warm up to them.

All starter designs are good, though, even Chespin ended up ok.


OMG. Tongue-scarf is brilliant. Greninja makes up for having to go through the game as Froakie and Frogadier.

Edit: Shit. Now I'm probably going to end up picking Froakie and Squirtle. Why must water pokemon be so awesome? Now I can't diversify my team.


I just saw Chessnaught...lolwat

Game Freak what are you doing?

Either way, I'm sticking with Fennekin, for one reason or another Delphox just seems better to me even after the initial shock.

But seriously Game Freak WAT

Sylveon > all starters and their evos
and I never expected to say that lol ribbons and bows win


As in "Heathcliff"
#TeamChespin and #TeamX ever since Jan Pokemon Direct.

I'm glad that Chespin's 2nd Evolution look so amazing. He reminded me of Mega Man X Villain (one of those boss)
Delphox is rad. Thankfully no one else is able to see it so you can all come crying to me for Fennekin babbies.

Also, dat pokedex entry. Able to make psychic vortexes of fire that are half as hot as the freaking core of the Earth? Sign me up.
How in the world did they go from the designs for the base level starters to those awful monstrosities?

Greninja's not awful I guess... But good lord. The other two are just disgusting. Will never ever want to use them.


CHESSNAUGHT looks kind of "meh" in the top pic, but extremely cool in the fan art one.

I like them.

I could have sworn though there were these fan arts which were said to be fake, yet they look awfully similar to the final evos.


#TeamFenniken since Day 1, lovin' the sorcerer look of Delphox. Froakie's line is pretty fantastic too, but poor Chespin. :(


Well I have known most of leaked new Pokemon... just because I was hunting for Pokemon Starter Final Evolution.





Holy crap! Today's real megaton is that more than two people can have the same first name.
Wow. Guess I'm switching my starter to Froakie.


I'm definitely warming up to Chesnaught. I like it a lot.

I really don't like the other two though, which is a shame because I love the rest of Froakie's line. Ugh. :(

Chespin and Squirtle for me.
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