Pokemon 151 - Japanese T-shirts for the adult fan

Bulbapedia said:
The Pokémon Company has announced Pokémon 151, a new brand intended for adult Pokémon fans. An official Web site opens Thursday, and Japanese Pokémon Center stores have begun selling four types of stylized T-shirts. In addition, a Diamond and Pearl battle tournament for ages 15 and up will be held at the Tokyo store July 4.

The four T-shirts currently available for pre-sale feature stylized designs of Hypno, Cubone, Articuno and Mewtwo, respectively.

The Cubone one was neat, but I'd lean towards the Articuno shirt.
If I can get my hands on one.
Those all are pretty nice. Have to agree with Cubone and Articuno

edit: I also like how they stopped at 151. The shit that matters (to me).
I really want that cubone shirt and judging from these designs i really want to see what they do for the other pokemon. *Thinks of a Butterfree shirt.*
M3wThr33 said:
That's pretty awesome. A little odd to pretend 151 is still relevant. I'd like a silhouette Mudkip shirt.
I disregard all the other Pokemon after 151 that were added to this day. The Pokemon Company understands me.


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They look awsome especially that Hypno shirt:D It reminds me of Iceberg clothing line not too long ago with the cartoon characters on them, those were made in Italy and cost a fortune.


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There was a really cool SotC shirt awhile ago, pure black but with a seal over the heart and a tiny silhouette of a guy climbing you.

But yeah, Articuno is rad.