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Pokemon Fusion website, now up to Starmie (Butterape, Hitler, Clefuk)


My absolute favorite of the latest Pokemon Fusion drawings. Meet the creeping death, Magnecruel:


That thing is magnificent.


Holy fuck, this thread and this tool are incredible. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time, hahahah.

The fanart that's coming out of some of these rival the best Pokemon designs. Man...where is the fanart coming from so fast? Or is this site older?

So good.

My contribution:



So what is that a mix of?
I'm a bit confused by the message here.

Hitler was not something that's possible with Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan + Kingler since it ends up being Hitmonler, but there is an edited image floating around the Internet. It's also in the thread title.

...Not sure what that mix is though. (It's Tentachop or Tentacool + Machop)


this show is not Breaking Bad why is it not Breaking Bad? it should be Breaking Bad dammit Breaking Bad
I'm more interested in the fusion of chromosones, maybe gene splicing for X et Y.
I'm sorry. I've created this monstrosities and will have to live with the consequences forever.

such hideous freaks of nature...
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