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POKEMON GETTO DAZE! (Japan lines up)


Llyranor said:
How do the battle systems themselves compare? I found the CCG game's battles more fun than the standard RPG combat system. How standard/"generic" is Pokemon's?
Take the card battles, encourage instead of discourage switching, tone down the power of status effects other than confusion (which remains pretty much the same), give everything a trait (basically like Pokemon Powers from the card game except, again, everything has them), expand from six types to seventeen and give them multiple strengths and weaknesses (instead of one), give everything four moves instead of one or two, and let everything bash one another at full power without setting up energy or evolutions.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I do like the card game's powered-up status effects and it's kind of cool to evolve in the middle of a fight at just the right time, but other than that I have to credit the video games.
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