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Pokemon Go Pokestops are now being removed


Sep 30, 2013
Houston, Texas
The park in my neighborhood where people congregate has about 4-6 pokestops and like 2 gyms and people don't leave trash or other shit. I think it just depends on the area you live in.


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Dec 9, 2015
My mom works at a library that is a gym, doesn't get anywhere near this amount of traffic. Makes sense, and the location isn't big enough to hold that many people on its lawn anyway, but still, kind of interesting to see the difference.

One of her coworkers is trying to make something close by a pokestop. I sent my mom this post and she enjoyed reading it, and it opened her eyes to problems that might happen if they do get a pokestop nearby.
Apr 3, 2009
There's a local buisness complex near my house that had 3 pokestops right next to eachother, and there'd be a good 40 or 50 people there at night.

The pokestops got removed about a week ago.


Jan 29, 2013
I feel like a lot/some pokestop issues could be solved by making the pokestops close at night.

There is a district of Bergen, Norway, where the residents are banding together to remove all pokestops since they get too much outsider traffic.

Also given how pokestops are linked with Ingress portals, it's probably not possible for them to relocate pokestops without it affecting ingress. So it's easier to just remove it.
No, that would be like shooting themselves in the foot. But I don't doubt it.


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Mar 10, 2005
My work had one removed from our office. Guess it was pissing off the security guys when people would walk up to our building with their phones out.
Yeah, similar story here. There's a gym where I work, but it's in a restricted area (where papers/magazines get printed). People were actually coming to the back gate and sticking their phones in, because they could barely reach the gym that way. Security guys definitely have more work now.

In Belgium there's also the story of Lillo, a very small town of like 40 people that now gets overrun every day by pokémon trainers. Restaurants/bars get an incredible boost, but townspeople are getting fed up. People are leaving their trash everywhere and they have to clean it up in the morning.
I've seen people list up their catch... the stampede is sort of justifed: there are crazy amounts of rare/strong Pokémon spawning there.