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News Poland says it will not respect EU law ; EU: LOL

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Dec 16, 2020
I was thinking it's unfair to constantly dunk on the US and our fellow American users - although Europe is a socialist paradise sometimes there is trouble brewing. I was thinking we can all use a bit of laugh so I came up with a funny way to semi-visually explain the most recent WTF in the EU.

Context: A few years back Polish people got tired of centrist party ruling for almost 10 years (imagine Angela Merkel, just less skilled) and decided to switch to right-wing mix of religious nuts and nationalists (imagine GOP, just way less skilled), a party called (I shit you not) LAW AND JUSTICE:

ipad poland GIF

(above the leader of said party, a brother of ex-president who died in Smolensk in an air crash in 2010)

As any good right-wing party there is that sweet mix of authoritarian sexiness Russian style. They don't want to admit it but they all probably keep a picture of this guy on the night stand:

vladimir putin russia GIF

So immediately after winning the elections the government got into brainstorming mode:

Park Min-Young Reaction GIF by Busted!

1. Middle class from the cities hates us, they will never vote for us
2. We will take money from them and give them to the poor so they will love us and keep us in power
3. But what if courts get in the way by saying stupid shit like 'ABC is illegal, you cannot do that'?

Then suddenly they got the idea - what if we just completely take over the judiciary system, appoint our own people to the courts and also create a special Disciplinary Chamber to sanction the judges that do not agree with us?

Louis Litt Genius GIF by Suits

The only problem - fucking woke EU officials:

european union GIF by euronews

You see - the EU thinks it's a really bad idea to make a judiciary dependent on politicians because - I don't know - tripartite of power is a thing? That's why for the past several months the EU Legal Superpower - The Justice Court of the European Union:

Judge Dredd GIF

(above the Justice Court, minus the guns)

Has been handling one verdict after another telling Polish government to stop being dicks and get back being - I don't know - law respecting country since - I don't know - you have to be if you want to hang out with other EU members.

Well not anymore, since today POLAND STRIKES BACK:

Game On Fighting GIF by Shalita Grant

You see, in the middle of being busy with stuffing the courts with their own nominees the ruling party / the government also decided to go for the highest court in the land - The Constitutional Court - by pulling exactly the same thing that the Republicans did with this guy:

Merrick Garland Confirmation Hearing GIF by GIPHY News

(above is judge Merrick Garland, which the Republicans stalled just enough not to appoint him to the Supreme Court)

The problem with that - it kinda starts the snowball effect and after a few weeks the situation is worse than this:

Bbc Drinking GIF

1. You appoint illegally some judges
2. Then you appoint illegally some Constitutional Court judges
3. Those illegal judges start to give out verdicts
4. EU decides yesterday - October 6th - all verdicts involving incorrectly-appointed judges are null and void

Well, today the Constitutional Court of Poland decided that FUCK YOU EU - Polish law is above the law of the EU (which is the opposite of what we agreed on when we joined, and which was taken for granted for - checking the notes - 17 years).

You see the genius of it - if Polish law is above the EU law, and Polish courts have people appointed by the government, then Poland can just ignore the EU law regulations!

michael fassbender perfection GIF

Except the EU will not play ball, Poland will probably lose 150bln EUR until 2027 (so called Covid Recovery Fund, the Polish portion of the fund is still not approved by the EU), and risk all EU funds being frozen since one of the principles of the EU - independent judiciary - cannot be guaranteed.

But hey:

donald trump GIF
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