PoliGAF 2017 |OT5| The Man In the High Chair

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“We’re trying to maximize the number of votes. I’m sorry, am I guilty of telling the truth?” said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas), explaining the GOP’s intentionally ambiguous strategy.
They are openly telling you that they won't tell you what you're voting on because then you might vote against it and the senators on the receiving end of this are like "okay, cool"
Something is up at Drudge they've been going in hard on the admin lately, really went in on the Don Jr. meeting.
Any republican with a brain should be pissed about how badly the Trump administration is bungling up. He's completely destroying the Republican brand and has no major achievements to show for it. The only reason the congressional leaders are going along with it is because the ramifications of booting Trump are probably worse than just doing what he wants, but that's a gamble that there won't be some kind of incriminating evidence against him or that he won't implode further.

Base voters won't care because very few people follow politics as obsessively as us and knows how shit works, but base voters don't decide national elections.


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Cornyn barreling down the interstate with a coffee thermos, five o'clock shadow, and a desire to deprive millions of health care.

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