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[Polygon] ‘Ask Iwata,’ a book of wisdom from the late Nintendo president, to publish in English


I’m not sure I would go that far, as the average person with a passing interest in games probably wouldn’t know who he was. His personality wasn’t that of a rambunctious CEO who craved the limelight, from my understanding he was a lot more reserved and soft spoken.
Well he was someone who excelled in every role he maintained and did it with grace and professionalism, his journey is incredibly unique and during his discourse with fellow devs you get a nice window into that too

His interviews are a fascinating insight behind the scenes into Nintendos history as well

So really I would say any hobbyist(like all this board) would find them pretty essential reading material


Party Gooper
I'll read Pratchett, King, 2000AD and maybe a bit of Viz, if I'm feeling particularly intellectual.
Elitist sod.

Dr Bass

Just received my pre-ordered copy today. I'll read through it soon. Still kinda sad he's not around. I think he would have loved to see the success of the Switch.
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