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[Polygon] Microsoft, give consumers the FPS counter on the front of the Xbox Scorpio



I can picture Kuchera thinking he's being satirical with this article, but in all honesty there's nothing there that I don't believe for a second isn't what he sincerely thinks.

No such thing as an ironic wank, Ben.


Of course they won't do this, partly because it will be aetheticslly repulsive, partly because most games won't be 60fps.


It's a games console, not a tacky as fuck "gamer's PC rig". You know the type. All flashing lights and superfluous displays built into the case.


MS already getting goofy with the Scorpio before it launches. I mean, if they're going to mandate 60fps for every game on the system, why advertise it on the game's box? What if developers want to do something that's a terrible 30fps?(sarcasm)

Can't wait to hear and read all the hi-jinx MS is going to pull with the Scorpio. I honestly think they're going to push the DRM HARD for the system as it being a "powerful" system, they don't want to have pirated games(their reasoning I'm sure). Gonna call it now. They didn't get their way with the Xbox One DRM but will re-introduce almost all the same stuff with the Scorpio. Why will it work this time though as I have a feeling it will? Gamers are gonna love seeing all those sweet games and graphics and 4k resolution and 60fps so who cares about the DRM, they'll need the Scorpio! If there's even a *hint* of them re-introducing the Xbox One DRM for Scorpio, I'm out.

Tread carefully MS.


I think it should repeat it every minute through the controller in a smooth reassuring voice, and give you an option to post your results on social media. This way you can validate your purchase and let everyone know what this new Xbox is.


That sounds tacky as shit. Don't listen to them Microsoft.

All those future articles/posts:

"Scorpio actually runs most games at 58fps" lol


Obviously in the minority here, but if there was two sku's for instance, one with the display and another without it, I'm not sure which one I'd pick. I'm a sucker for ridiculous stuff like that.


This sounds like a neat thing to get on a PC.

As the standard on a mainstream console it's, uhh, kind of tacky, yeah.
What the hell is Kuchera on about?

An fps counter on the front of the console? Is he drunk-posting? It's 'satire'?

I can't believe Polygon didn't fire this guy ages ago.


This is obviously satire, no one thinks this unironically

Then again, MS has been showing "4K" printed directly on the chip... so... yeah who knows anymore


The piece is a joke/satire, how did everyone miss the part where he says
"You could also maybe program the screen to say other things, like ”Sony? More like BALONEY!" and then give you a high-five on Twitter."


Scorpio should have an illuminated fps display that counts number of headshots in Halo on the front.
The piece is a joke/satire, how did everyone miss the part where he says
It's dumb even as satire. It's not clever, and it sort-of jives with his earlier pieces on Scorpio, which pushes it even further towards being plain lame.

It'd be different if he'd be anti-specs in the past, but his most recent Scorpio article was all for pushing the spec thing.
This fps obsession is out of control, it honestly does not matter that much. There are people that think it's the only thing that matters in a game.


Not going to happen surely? Imagine the meltdowns and customer issues if people have literal actual objective proof frame rates dropped?

I mean I get Scorpio is powerful but my PC is more powerful and with the right (well wrong I gues) game you can get stutters or frame pacing issues. I can't see MS putting visibility to that to customers.
This fps obsession is out of control, it honestly does not matter that much. There are people that think it's the only thing that matters in a game.
Not really. Its the reason I bought a PS4 Pro. Am sure I'm not alone on this.

I don't require or even ask for 60fps as a standard on consoles, but 30fps locked? Absolutely. And am all for putting pressure on studios that can't manage to hold down even that baseline. If the game advertises 60fps the game should hold to it.

Digital Foundry reports seem pretty popular, so I'd guess there's a decent audience out there for some kind of Fraps-ish overlay at least. Especially as we see more console games putting in more graphics options that can affect performance (because of more PC ports, and because of these mid-generation spec increase consoles).

Might be full on satire here but the idea itself of bubbling up some of this performance information makes some sense - at least on units being pushed for those who want more power and performance.


Sure. As if people weren't too focused on performance and pixel counting already.

Nevermind though, this is probably satire, although sometimes it's hard to tell with these guys.
Thank you, OP, and all OP's in the past, who have made sure I never have to click on that dumb website to see the stupid shit they say.

How much of a masturbatory circle jerk is that place that an idea like this gets published with such definitive language as if they, and only they, know.

Like, maybe, you know, a "hey, guys, what about this idea?"

No, no no no, all in, "OBVIOUSLY this is a good idea, right? WE thought of it?"
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