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Polygon: The Xbox Series X is the Xbox 360 of my dreams


Jun 7, 2020
People that enjoy games, no matter the year they are released.

That's like telling people not to enjoy Mario 64 or Demon's Souls in 2020. :messenger_dizzy:
Its nice, but when you are making bc one the the most important selling points and the press shilling hard for it, it shows how little of new titles you have now,maybe in 2022
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Oct 10, 2014
"I am so excited that my brand new console can play a 13 year old game!" this almost reads as satire, but I guess people are into some weird shit. " I played Crackdown obsessively for a couple of years " the author says. Maybe I sound like the Fun Police but this is all pretty sad.

my friend, they are giving people options with their game library's, you can play the latest games and you can also play your games you have in you collection. surely that's a good thing
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Dec 21, 2019
It'd be really nice if the Series S|X would run a general emulator for Xbox and Xbox 360 games that don't get manual touch-ups/attention. That way they could get around the licensing issues of some games while having them be available. It'd be cool to see newer headlines saying something like, "Dead or Alive 4 receives texture updates" or "Project Gotham Racing is on sale on the digital store again and you won't believe the updates that it's receiving".

Cause if it does that, the first thing I'm testing are all of the DDR games. If they don't have timing issues, I'll be in love for like a minute. If they can support usb dance pads properly, I'll be in love forever.

Valve originally only allowed for whitelisted games to be played via Proton before letting users choose to use it on any Windows game. I'm really hoping that Microsoft allows for that floodgate to be opened. Just place some warnings and an indicator on what's been whitelisted and what isn't and they should be fine. You'll lose some visual updates and the ability to install the game to the drive (or at least to buy the game digitally in some cases if that's not an issue), but that would be fine.


Jun 6, 2004
Face plates... storage cards everybody trying to be a 360 now (rrod not included)!