Pong is 50 today, Let's Celebrate!


We are all here probably to some extent because of the success of Pong. Today celebrates 50 years since its release.

If you have any good arcade stories or Atari memories in general share them below as we celebrate the game that made video games Mainstream.

pong GIF
Turns out dungeon crawling and fighting folk with rounds of Pong made for an interesting curiosity with Pong Quest :messenger_grinning_sweat:

Then again I'm a stickler for revamped Atari stuff like the recent Recharged line-up. Atari 50 has been great for a peek into the early Atari arcade history.


So I guess Pong was 2 years old when I first played it. I was 6 and my Dad got the unit at an auction. I think playing Pong by myself back then taught me to be ambidextrous.

Pong is one of the greats to get it all started. Breakout shits on Pong though.

This dude above win or lose that point? It bounced back over to his side. No idea if the rules say point win or loss without opponent's bat connecting with the ball.

Atari really did bring it on home.
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