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Katy's song will climb. It will definitely hit #1, it's an actually good song compare to the Zayn and Taylor trash. Give it 5-6 weeks and it will be #1 on the billboard guaranteed!


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This sounds infinitely more interesting than the one shes just released

Who else has been able to beat this?
Can't beat shit right now but add me xoxo
I can't believe I liked a song by Halsey, but Not Afraid Anymore is quite damn good.

I have a feeling I'll like at least one half of that soundtrack as well.
This is good
Halsey has been consistently putting out stuff I like, here for her
Katy's new single is such a boring flop....

Meanwhile, Gaga FINALLY released a good music video - right after a great Super Bowl performance no less! All is right in the world.

Gags won.


Wants to outlaw technological innovation.
Because the only ones buying songs now are the Dump voters and country is their jam
Honestly I am going to agree with you mainly because I can imagine most millenials stream their music instead of buying it, and Trump voters tend to skew older, therefor they would actually be the only ones buying it. I would also say that iTunes buyers tend to skew towards country themselves, which is why she is doing extremely well there. I would also like to bring to light that on other stores (Amazon, and Google), is that Million Reasons is on sale for .69¢. My point being from that is older people are buying music, not younger. And when we compare to streaming for instance Lady Gaga's Million Reasons is 78 on Spotify compared to 2 on iTunes, which implies that this is just a temporary boost.

*Apple Music is not a valid source for streaming since its Top 40 is almost all rap, meanwhile Spotify is a more accurate look at the charts.

Because people don't check gaga for safe
Can you clarify your statement please?
I mean it's just funny to see so many Shitlord stans etc. keep bringing up chart positions and sales as if Pop was still at it's prime and full of good releases. Just last year we had that awful, disgusting, unholy, filthy, evil, malevolent cancer of a song that was "Closer" by The Cocksmokers (credit to Touchba- I mean now-deceased POPGAF icon Touchdown for naming them that) top the charts for weeks and weeks and fucking weeks. A #1 single doesn't really mean anything anymore, not when it's been tainted by a bunch of garbage being #1 lately. Furthermore, if we were to argue that chart positions=quality like most of the Swift Youth seem to want to do when it benefits them, then you're okay with saying that quality releases like Lemonade by Beyonce and Art Angels by Grimes aren't good? Please. Not to mention GAF's own darling Carly Rat Herpes can't sell for shit and yet most of us agree that her pop music is amazing. The only one who managed to do both was Rihanna, who blessed us with Work breaking records despite her attempts to self-sabotage by being lazy as fuck. Bless her.

Please stop trying to use chart positions as a measure of quality, it's just not realistic. We can't base quality off of the taste of people that voted for Trump.

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