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Jun 5, 2013

Popular gaming forum ResetEra has been acquired by MOBA Network for $4.55 million.

MOBA Network, which owns fansites for several large properties such as Dotafire.com, Smitefire.com and Leaguespy.net, announced the acquisition on Thursday.

The deal, which includes $3.55 million upon closing and a further $1 million which is to be paid by December 31, 2021 will see the brand acquire a user base of over 55,000 members.

In the announcement, it was confirmed that the operational team that runs ResetEra will “continue to moderate and engage with the community and work with MOBA Network on future product development.”

Björn Mannerqvist, CEO of MOBA Network, said that “we are very excited and proud to welcome ResetEra.com – one of the world’s largest gaming forum and community brands – to our growing number of brands.”

In a post that is currently featured at the top of every page on ResetEra, Cerium, a member of the forum and former general manager of the site, said “there were several potential buyers to consider, but in the end the clear best fit was MOBA Network.”

In an FAQ about the future of the site, Cerium assures users that not much will change about the popular forum, which launched in 2017 following the demise of NeoGaf.

“What will this change here at ResetEra?

“Not much! It’ll mainly just be someone else keeping the lights on. There will be no imposed changes to the rules or to the staff. Members will not have to change how they post. B-Dubs has agreed to stay on as general manager. At the staff’s request, and with the new owners’ permission, I will continue to make myself available as a consultant in case they ever believe I can be helpful.”

Despite the acquisition, the FAQ also confirms that the site’s moderators will remain volunteers. “The people who’ve been handling paid work, such as the tech team, will be making their own arrangements with MOBA Network to continue doing what they do.” according to Cerium.

Edit: I was too late. Original topic here: Thread 'ResetEra sold to M.O.B.A. Network for USD$4.55 million' https://www.neogaf.com/threads/resetera-sold-to-m-o-b-a-network-for-usd-4-55-million.1621017/
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