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Possible Capcom leak resulting from the ransomware attack

Oct 15, 2019
New York

Yeah, I know. Its 4chan so take it with a massive grain of salt, but if true warrants its own discussion. The anon is claiming this is a 60gb dump of a reported 1 terabyte obtained in the attack. It is likely being distributed to show Capcom they arent messing around and secure the 11 million they demanded.

Highlights from the anon in question:

>RE Village details
>Ace Attorney Collection (Pic related)
>Monster Hunter Rise on PC
>Resident Evil 4 VR
>New Shooter Multiplayer game titled "SHIELD" geared towards streamers
>Source Code for DMC2 and Umbrella Chronicles
>Stadia paid Capcom $10 million USD to put RE7 and RE8 on the platform. Sony paid $5 million USD for VR/timed DLC/demo exclusivity.

Edit: Sniped. Go to this thread https://www.neogaf.com/threads/mass...ng-to-pc-plus-other-capcom-game-info.1577315/
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Golgo 13

The Man With The Golden Dong
Jun 14, 2014
None of this sounds out of the realm of possibility, wonder if that ransomeware attack was acknowledged by Capcom?