Post awesome MAD T.V. sketches

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The Bobby Lee sketches reminded me of an interview he did on WTF Marc Maron. Nobody liked him when he started on MAD TV, and there was one skit where he was an old lady on stage and he was sick and nervous and shit his pants in front of the audience. I think he was also on drugs at the time.
Does anyone know the sketch where it's making fun of the low cost basketball shoes you get from payless like shaq's were? And in it they were trying to sell it like performance shoes but they kept breaking and the dude's feet were bleeding while he was hyping them
I saw it YEARS ago, it's from <2005 at least
I've searched youtube and google and can never find it
The funniest sketch I've ever seen in MAD TV was John Madden commentating on the election but I've never been able to find it anywhere on the net.

The only part of the sketch I remember was Madden running down the list of blue and red states.

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