Post the best "Resident Evil and Silent Hill sucks now" videos!

Resident Evil is clearly not dead, Revelations 1 and 2 and RE 7 have all been successful and the reception of the reveal of REmake 2 has been glowing. Except for the small portion of the fanbase that thinks RE just HAS to be in the style of 0-3/CV, RE is looking pretty good these days, you have Revelations games for those who like the mix of action and horror of 4 and RE 7 shows the main games will likely stick now to survival horror gameplay like the classics. Capcom hardly has a perfect track record with a lot of their IPs, but the last few years clearly show they are legitimately trying to restore RE's good name and I commend them for that.

Silent Hill though, yeah, the creative bankruptcy of Homecoming (let's just rip off SH 2 and the movie!) and the underwhelming execution of Downpour (especially the monster design, even Homecoming is less garbage in this department), the embarrassment that was the HD Collection, and Konami's big middle finger to their fanbase with what happened with Silent Hills (of course they gave an even bigger middle finger to Kojima and his team, and continue to give them to the poor people who still have to work under them with the horrible treatment and mismanaging that has come to light in recent years. Konami, or rather the higher-ups of the company, deserve all the hate they receive) all indicate Silent Hill is dead until further notice.

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Some people just hold on waaaaay too tight to the past!

Truthfully I skipped through most of the vids, life's too short to waste on people who drone on for half an hour in order to make a paragraph worth's of subjective opinion.
I would suggest you give "The Rise and Fall of Silent Hill" a watch. It is a really good video that doesn't adhere tightly to the past.
When 4 came out and turned it into a action-oriented franchise I lost all hope, but now with 7 I can't post anything bad again. The game is excellent.
I would suggest you give "The Rise and Fall of Silent Hill" a watch. It is a really good video that doesn't adhere tightly to the past.
I might just do that, its a very legitimate premise for a video. I just checked out the RE ones as that's still very much a live franchise, whereas SH is at the least dormant (sadly).
I'm glad some of you feel my pain, because I was starting to feel left out.

Part of the problem is that fanboys enable companies to be lazy. People think that I just like to single Capcom out of all the conglomerates that exist, which is not true. I've also had less than stellar stuff to say regarding Konami as well. I'm not really a big fan of non horror games, but yeah; I'd say that THQ could make better wrestling games than what 2K has done over the years. The WWE games now really do suck, because while the roster is huge and there's a lot of matches to select from, the general game style is so awful. It makes enjoying the game so difficult.

In my opinion, Capcom is this one company that loves to pull the wool over people's eyes with dubious business decisions. They can do a nice looking remake all they want, but the thing is, remakes are undesirable to me. They suggest that the only way to do things right after they screw up so constantly, is a reboot. If they really wanted to do something to redeem themselves, why have they not made a non first person sequel that is a great, terrifying game again? Or can they do that? I'd love to see the day where they make a great sequel and connect all the dots for once. Sadly, you cannot teach logic to the illogical and this is sadly why Capcom does what they do, but smiles all the way to the bank. It has gone on for years.

I've had all manner of people saying to me on forums and YouTube that I care too much about the story and all this drivel, when the story, characters and whatnot is the heart and soul, plus the backbone of any franchise out there. Without that, what is really the point? Surely people with half a brain ought to know that this is just as important as the game style, but that type of reply suggests to me that A, they aren't true fans, or B, that they are just troll baiting. Surely people aren't that stupid. Then again, I sometimes wonder about these strangers I encounter on the Internet.

Being on the Internet and getting so much garbage online over the years has hardened my heart, yes. It's honestly gotten to a point where I want to close up shop. It is really annoying. Several months ago, I even found that Nemesis fellow on YouTube after fishing around for to find a guy like me. Things were okay. We were friendly. This is how it always begins with people. Because I was defending his channel, two morons by the names of Renegade Operative and Jacob Schooner made these idiotic reaction videos, but used criticism as an excuse to have the videos remain online. Then due to me saying derogatory remarks about America, that I won't repeat here, the guy called Nemesis turned on me. People call him names and make fun of him, but really, the guy has a heart and I do regret fallen out with him. I've also tried to start my own YouTube channel and put up opinions videos and also short films, and I made a funny web series where I'm stuck in someone's house and it leads to hell. Yet possibly because of my loud Scottish voice, nobody cares. They probably just watch a video for a few seconds and write me off as being a mongoloid. That is unfair.

Personally, I've had a lot of crap to deal with over the years and it has been so depressing. I still love games. However, I do often wonder why I still push on, hoping the Internet will be like it was over 15 years ago. Unfortunately, forums and all that have gone way downhill. Even fan forums are so dead these days. And how can the Internet really be that much fun any more when both Nemesis and myself made a friendly debate, and these haters decided to try to defame us? At least Nemesis still has his reputation. Me, on the other hand? Well, I've been a part of the Resident Evil community for over 15 years now. I'm infamous for the "Grace Saunders" drama, but those trolls caused a lot of that commotion and it just ain't right that my reputation (and my life) went the way that it did. I've never did them any wrong. I've even made myself look so stupid for defending that Nemesis person, due to the fact that I had uploaded a video with a mouse and some where I used a toothbrush as a microphone, just for a laugh, but quite honestly, who's gonna know that? Quite frankly, I don't know why I still like Resident Evil. It has really went downhill over the years. However, it's not so much that that bothers me. It's more so to do with the fact that these trolls have really had a major effect on my mental health.

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Could you please stop making this awkward by constantly bringing it back to your own personal issues and conflicts, OP. We really don't need to know about that in the gaming section and more importantly we have no reason to believe you over any of these people you call trolls. Also If you don't want criticism stop putting yourself out there.
It's a remake and not a sequel, so I suspect Capcom are playing it safe again.
We're talking about a game that has likely been in the works for years since Capcom indicated quite a few years ago they were working on it. So I doubt the teams who did either 7 or Revelations 2 were that involved in this one. So since it's likely not affecting new RE titles' release dates, what's the problem? And playing it safe would be a basic remake (not to insult the first REmake, as they did a lot of new stuff for that game) but this clearly is practically a new game just with the characters and story of 2 that we know and love.
RE7 is a radical departure for the series and I can see why some fans have a hard time accepting it, the first person camera and realistic styled graphics give it a very different feel than the classic games.

But if you look past the surface at the actual gameplay you'll find it's way more true to the spirit of Resident Evil than 4, 5 and 6 were, all of which were basically action games (though 4 handled that the best, but 5 and 6 were just garbage in my opinion)

I loved it, especially the fact that it was basically a blend of The Evil Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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Deja vu. I remember when people were upset at RE4. They said it wasn't a real Resident Evil game. They cried a lot and hid in their basements. I think the US had to send humanitarian aid. I wonder if they ever got better?
Deja vu. I remember when people were upset at RE4. They said it wasn't a real Resident Evil game. They cried a lot and hid in their basements. I think the US had to send humanitarian aid. I wonder if they ever got better?
It's a good game..... just a not very good Resident Evil game.

It's still leagues ahead of 5 and 6 but Capcom wore out that style fast and I'm glad 7 was a return to the older style even if it was also an evolution.
Found one!

Don't worry. It's not easy accepting that the best game of the franchise redefined it completely. It's a slow process, filled with introspection and inner conflict. It's only been 15 years. You'll get there eventually, soldier.
It's fine if you think it's the best game in the franchise, but when it barely resembles what games came before it's only part of the "franchise" in a technical sense, hell even the story barely had anything to do with the franchise.

It really should have been a spinoff, like Mega Man Legends to the rest of the Mega Man series.
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First off buddy I don't appreciate your snarky attitude, we can talk about this shit in a better way than that, don't talk down to me or I'll tell you to fuck off.

And secondly it's fine if you think it's the best game in the franchise, but when it barely resembles what games came before it's only part of the "franchise" in a technical sense, hell even the story barely had anything to do with the franchise.
Whoa there. I'm just poking fun at you, nothing malicious or derogatory intended. Relax, breathe.

Sure it barely resembles the games that came before it: sequels are meant to improve on their predecessors, and technology improved to the point where stuff like fixed camera angles weren't mandatory anymore. Despite your feelings on the changes: it's kind of silly to go "it's not a REAL RE game" when it clearly is as indicated by Capcom themselves, whether you agree with the creators or not. Now, if you don't like the game or the direction it took then cool: I can't stand some of the RE games either, and I'm not going to harsh on anyone for liking the ones I don't. Some crazy people really like Codename Veronica. Don't see me going reaching for technicalities to try and dismiss their game of choice.
Well, come to think of it, I recall joining that forum a long time ago, but I don't think I ever posted on there very often; I don't even remember my alias, but I did have a glance at the site recently and it does not look like there's much activity. Although I don't think I'd want to post there anyway. I'm not that fond of forums any longer. This is definitely going to be my final year on forums. I've said that before, but this time I really do mean it.

I'm actually considering getting rid of my Internet next year once my contract expires with my ISP and after that, I may just use GiffGaff to go tethering. It takes up too much of my time sitting in front of a laptop all day long. It's not healthy to sit about and dwell on what other people say, but all of these websites are just sad now in any case. With that said, I know why I spend most of my time going online. It's hard for me to develop a social life as I have a mild type of autism and I don't have support any longer coming from social services. Besides, I don't trust those type of care providers now, due to what happened with my former support workers. They caused a lot of issues in my life and now I'll be damned if I can get a job. Even if I could get new helpers, a social worker still has to set all that up and they would be aware of my history. Since they fund the support, they dictate what you can do with your hours. It's not a lot anyhow and they would likely use the helpers assigned to me like "stool pigeon" types to monitor what I'm doing, so it's not a good idea to re-introduce people like that back into your life. Do you know the saying about a wolf in sheep's clothing? Well, that's what they are. They may seem nice, but they are only in one's life because they are being paid to. Plus, they have screwed up my sister's life too, by taken her kids away and she has not seen one of her sons for over 5 years.

The reason I don't like Resident Evil websites is because the members are all mostly Capcom suck-ups and they all have an attitude problem, but they also caused a lot of commotion in my life for over a decade, which is why I don't respect those people. The damage has already been done. They don't respect me either. What is the point in being associated with people like that? Plus, even if you make a new YouTube account or whatever, you feel like you're dead on arrival anyway. So many other people have YouTube profiles and have garnered a lot of subs, yet when I try to upload heartfelt opinions videos just like they do, nobody could care less. So I have no chance of getting to the stage that they are at, no matter what I say.

America is not a collection of races.

However, if you want to play the race card, then you're playing the race cardgame. It cuts both ways. You cannot dole out benefits according to race if you're not willing to anger the "have nots". You can't insult "white people" and expect them to not look down at their skin and go "gee, I am white. Why not shack up with my fellow white folk?"

Our culture is actually regressing in this regard, whereas the Left wants to make believe that "it has always been this way". No, it hasn't. Civil Rights made a lot of genuine progress in people's attitudes, not just our laws. We of course have a long way to go.

Also, shame on Conservatives who aren't being more welcoming to Southern neighbors. Legal status is not your business. Statistically, Latinos are deeply religious and so local churches should be reaching out to these communities and helping them get by. Eases the burden on social welfare, too.

Don't wring your hands about " rise of f-f-fascists!" while you insist on benefits for some skincolors and not others.

I think there's a need for self-reflection on "both sides" of this debate because the more we play the "race cardgame" the worse it will get.
Whoa there. I'm just poking fun at you, nothing malicious or derogatory intended. Relax, breathe.
Yeah, sorry about that, I edited it out but I guess it was too late.

Was just in a bad mood when I wrote that.
Yes, but do some people even know what they are talking about? How can 4 be the best one when it's not even a 100% horror game? The older titles had action too. What do you call firearm use? Yes - Action! But there was not so much emphasis on shooting everything that moves, like you do in 4 and also 5 and 6. Those games felt more like they were adapted from Hollywood movies, or comic books. They are still somewhat scary, though...
This thread is full of drama haha.

On topic, I was 5 when the original resident evil launched in 96 and I beat my brothers copy multiple times. I played video games before that but RE is what made me a die hard video game enthusiast.

I have beaten them all besides 6. 5 was good but that's when my interest started to fade. It was mainly action when the real draw to the series is the survival aspect. With RE7 release (first playthrough fully on PSVR), I can say that I am back to being a die hard fan. The return to legit survival horror is back.

Now with RE2 remake returning to zombies, I feel the series has gone full circle and has the potential to be better then it ever was. In my opinion they are doing everything that I want from the series. I trust them again to deliver what I want.

I hope capcom as a whole returns to how they were in PS2 era. They were my go to company. Now i just hope for a new shadow of rome, minus the stealth sections.