Potential hoax: Romhacking.net dead?

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Seriously an end of an era. I always assumed the site would stay around forever. It's such a good resource and a centralized place to find all the tools and patches and general info anyone needed about ongoing projects and stuff. Wonder what happened? :(


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Hmm, a comment under said tweet said it was fake.

Now I'm confused.

If true then that sucks. It was a great resource for translation patches
Outside of romhack hubs for specific games (metroid and super mario world come to mind) the only places I know that have a good amount of hacks are gba temp which can be kind of a mess to navigate and a specific emulation/rom website that hosts patched roms which I obviously can't link to.
this really sucks, and I really wish there was some sort of warning.

I have like 50 plus hacks/translations I haven't obtained yet that are going to be a pain to find elsewhere.

oh well... I am thankful for their site over the years, and wish them the best.
and hope another site much like them pops up sooner rather than later.
No! I was following Tengai Makyou Zero translation progress there. I hope it isn't gone for good because I've been visiting the site daily for years. All the tools and patches with easily searchable content will be missed.
This is awful. Hopefully everything gets reuploaded somewhere else. The site housed a fantastic collection of hacks, translations and documents.

Edit: The Twitter account seems new, so I'm willing to bet also that it's a fake announcement.
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