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[Power Analysis] What happens if you spec a PC like a PS5?


i think you've done monumental work with said analysis and the subsecent video. doesn't it make you a bit sad, when some people with their selective perception pic up one minuscule part of the thoroughly considered and well differentiated work that in my opinion you clearly provided with said video? and worse, they even accomplish to wrap it so much out of context that they reverse the original conclusion... argh
Currently, no, which comes down to two reasons:
1.) I'm not really emotionally invested.
2.) I don't have the time to really interact with various online communities and to track discussions, so I feel like I'm outside of mostly all of those debates.

When someone twists around my words or does some cherry-picking, it's not necessarily done in bad faith.
The tech community is a wild mix, including teenagers, very young adults, middle-aged people and older.
Every person has a different mental model, knowledge about technology, etc.
People who don't have enough technical knowledge may simply misunderstand.
Obviously there is nothing wrong with that and in regard to my content I'm happy to explain more, answer questions and to "correct" things, however there is a clear limit for me, which is the mentioned time.
I can't address all people, and so in many cases I just "let it slip".

Then there is of course another portion of people, who are mentally not at the right place in terms of belief system and personal investment.
They take things personally, invest a lot of time defending XYZ, create propaganda for the things they don't like, etc.
The sad thing is, that people can end up like this, but to some degree it's just part of human nature.
Unless those people are actively making life worse for others, you don't really have to care.


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3700x is spot on. That's exactly why I got this CPU 2 years ago in order to be ready for this gen.
Pricing is of course of the whack on pc.
Let's not forget ps5 is 400 and includes controller. I would never get digital ps5 but it's only fair to compare digital ps5 to digital pc
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