Powerpuff Girls add a fourth sister...

So this is happening. Pic leaked from CN Russia.

Idk what that design is, but it def aint a ppg. Nothing about that character matches the original designs. I used to love this show, but this reboot has just killed it for me.

The only real 4th sister imo

For those wondering why I dont like the design its because of the following:
1. asymmetry
2. Those hips.
3. That giant head
4. hair color + dress color does not mesh properly like the other girls. Color theory stuff yo

--EDIT 2--

I tried to fix it. Didn't bother scaling cuz too much work, and didnt make symmetrical hair cuz too much work.
Lololol she's huge

I thought the big part of PPG was their being pretty much symmetrical except for secondary features because of the recipe.
Commence the name guesses!


Anything goes, must start with a "B". Preference given to names that aren't exactly names.
Well the PPGs look similar because they're from the same batch of SUGAR, SPICE and EVERYTHING NICE.
Who knows what the 'ingredients' of this new sis are, huh?

I never watched the reboot tho.
I was just explaining to my mom the other day that there's an episode of the Powerpuff Girls where they made a mentally challenged sister to use as a slave, and who died at the end of the episode.
I think they would give her the same proportions if they were going to officially add another sister. She was probably made by a different scientist and only there for one episode.