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Predict PS5 lifetime sales!

PS5's lifetime sales?

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Factors to consider:

Gaming's Covid popularity surge/chip shortage - While demand seems unprecedented, the chip shortage is limiting it's selling potential during the covid surge at this point, it is now tracking behind PS4 and Switch launch aligned. Covid seems to be both a boon and a curse to the gaming market because chip shortages are coinciding with increased gaming popularity. The chip shortage is said to last years. How long will the Covid surge continue?

Expanding market - The gaming market is expanding in general, and Sony is expanding into new territories.

Playstation IP's on PC
- May slightly impact Sony hardware sales as Sony's IP's can be found elsewhere.

Increased competition - MS and Nintendo looking on point.

Another "Pro" generation? - Will the console lifecycle be extended like PS4's was with the Pro or cut short?


100 million units max by the close of the generation.

Last generation they basically ran uncontested after the Xbone shat the bed at its reveal. This time around, they have legitimate competition.
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I think it will sell around the same amount that the PS3 did at 87 million units.

A combination of the competition being tougher this time with Xbox, Nintendo and more people going to PC plus a lack of being able to produce enough consoles will potentially result in less sells.

Also I don’t think a ”Pro” model will happen because I don’t see what other benefits it would offer outside of being a slimmer console. The Pro happened for the PS4 and Xbox because of 4K and better FPS, the Series X and PS5 can already do native 4K and 120 fps.
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Did 110, I don't know if the current demand will sustain itself and just see the market moving more hardware agnostic by the end of the generation.
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I think 100+ million due to the chip shortages and valid competition from pc and Xbox this time, plus Nintendo to be fair.


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155+ due to more people are buying more than one console at home. Also because of those previously gamers are now fathers/mothers.

can't see that, all 3 consoles are doing well and I think 110 mill for ps5. the danger for sales now is games going on pc will that effect life time sales
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