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Presidential Debate #1 |Hofstra University| PRESS X TO SEAN

Who won the debate?

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NPR had a piece about the sexism women are subject to at debates. One of the things the guest mentioned was smiling too little, or too much. Jesus.
When Hillary was on "between to ferns", she also talked about the double standard about what she should wear in the debates.

People don't even realize or notice how they critique women more then men, especially in a man's world like politics. It's why her answer about implicit biases this evening was so genuine. She knows damn well that it exists, and how it feels like to be judged on intrinsic qualities of the self.


I think Trump can kiss undecided women goodbye. Well, not literally, but he did nothing to help his misogynist women.

I don't think Hillary won any non-college educated men. It seems like her strategy is going to be emboldening democrats to come out, which might work if Trump doesn't manage to do the same thing with Republicans. Stein and Johnson being left off certain states should help.

She needs to drive turnout. I agree she's probably not going to change the white male non-college voting block much

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this is soo good.


NPR had a piece about the sexism women are subject to at debates. One of the things the guest mentioned was smiling too little, or too much. Jesus.
Joe Biden was criticized just as much for cracking up smiling and being a jackass during his debates.

Smiling widely at someone attacking you personally feels disingenuous.


Guys stop quoting the obvious Quote Bait Alt Account post.

Joe Biden was criticized just as much for cracking up smiling and being a jackass during his debates.

Smiling widely at someone attaching you personally feels disingenuous.

And he is a popular Vice President and won both of his debates. So, Biden moreso exemplifies the differences between what Men and Women can get away with.
Listening to him claim to have the better temperament was pretty hilarious, considering that he spent the whole debate trying to interrupt her or provide petty snipes while she was speaking.

He literally brought it up himself to cap off one of is babbling insane rants, as if he was reading the audiences mind about how insane he just sounded.


get some go again
at first hillary seemed pretty nervous and sometimes messed up some of her deliveries but once she got warmed up she handled trump pretty well. donald better be prepared because she will not go easy on him the next debate.


To be fair I think the issue is that 90% of her smiling seemed forced and fake.

Overall, she did as well as she could considering who she was debating.
Because you can tell pure calculation from her smiles.

Keep digging. You couldn't be more transparent.
Everybody reacts to whats being seen here. You do, I do. Whether it sounds real or as pue political speech is open to each of us to interpret. But I see there's no use in discussing it with you as you have your mind more than made up.


Joe Six-Pack: posting for the common man
if you guys want to see something funny, check out @pcgeek86 on twitter. i got into an argument with him and he calls me a racist because i told him he's got white privilege cause he thinks trump and clinton are the same. if you want to argue with him that would be even better.


The best part about all of this is none of it matters if we all vote.

MAKE SURE YOU ALL GO GET REGISTERED. Especially 18 year old GAF. Get your ass up and go do it.
It is absolutely terrifying that people can honestly think that about a man who...

Wants more nations to 'defend themselves' with nuclear weapons.
Wants to extort our allies for money or we'll back out of our mutual protection agreements.
Wants China to invade North Korea.
Wants to allow our navy to fire on unarmed civilians in international waters if they annoy them.
Wants to back out of all of our current trade agreements.
Wants to back out of the Iran nuclear agreement.
Wants to build a border wall and attempt to strongarm Mexico into paying for it.
Wants to bring back waterboarding and other forms of torture.
Wants to fight ISIS by 'bombing the hell out of them' and sending ground troops into Syria.
Wants to simply 'take' oil from foreign nations.
Implied he is willing to abandon American citizens held in foreign countries if he doesn't think he is 'winning' the negotiation.
Thinks our only real ally in the world is Israel.
Every single 'plan' he has can be boiled down to an extremely vague "be better at stuff".

Seriously, my cat is more suitable at foreign policy than this raving lunatic.

That my friend is why Trump going all loud and controlling at the beginning gets some people attention, they are literally lost in the details, because if you listen to it, it's harmful incoherent babble. Lucikly it's not a really sustainable tactic for anyone paying attention. It's like Trump forgot he's not in a bubble of Republican primaries, he is on the general election stage and has to appeal to the undecideds.

How he appeals to them with what you just listed, on top of practically endorsing racial profiling, and admitting he didn't pay has taxes or even workers, I have no idea. How does that appeal to anyone from a presidential candidate?


Because she's a republican... goddamn the spin though is fucking ridiculous.

It really is like watching a 10 year old sit at the adults table and try their hardest to sound smart.

Except in that case it's cute, in her case, it's sad.

Davey Cakes

Hillary kept her composure throughout the entire debate, where Trump didn't. That's telling. And then Trump had the gall to call her out on lacking temperament and stamina.

Yes, it's just more of the "calculated" image of Hillary that she's known for, but it appears way more informed, experienced, and presidential than Trump, who just seems to be winging it constantly.

I'm a Bernie guy, and I despise Hillary at the very least for supporting the war in Iraq, but she at least knows how to handle herself and comes off as an adult. Trump may be a business man but as many have said, he comes off as a child when his feet are put to the coals. Plus, he never does much to convince women and minorities that he cares about them, and comes of as all talk.

This debate was VERY telling and I hope it was enough to get some people to see why Hillary is what we NEED, even if she's not what we WANT. I'm not sure what the next two debates could do to change things, but we'll see.
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