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Presidential Debate #1 |Hofstra University| PRESS X TO SEAN

Who won the debate?

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9:54 p.m. Donald Trump says Ford is “thousands of jobs” are leaving Michigan and Ohio.

TRUMP STATEMENT: “So Ford is leaving. Their small car division is leaving. Thousands of jobs leaving Michigan. Leaving Ohio. They’re all leaving, and we can’t allow it to happen anymore.”

FACT CHECK: “Their small car division is leaving” – This part is true, but Ford says it will affect “zero” U.S. jobs.

“Over the next two to three years, we will have migrated all of our small-car production to Mexico and out of the United States,” said Ford Motors CEO Mark Fields, at a daylong investor conference in Dearborn, Michigan, according to the Detroit Free Press.

But this will, according to Fields, not result in any job loss in the U.S. Earlier this month, on Sept. 15, 2016, CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked Fields, “So it is not true that Ford will be, quote, ‘firing all of its employees in the United States?’ Will Ford cut any U.S. jobs as a result of this move? One? Any single one?”


Fuck trump.
This is absolutely tremendous.


the only thing i wish happened is Hillary calling him out on jobs going overseas when all his clothes are made overseas. I SO wish she had done this.

also its hilarious him whining about negative ads.

He just would have said that it's good business, which was his response to every other business charge thrown at him.


same pretty much. Not that I agreed with what he said at all, it was just that Hillary was losing by talking. Then she didn't really change much but he became himself and lost all on his own. I think that should be her blueprint for the rest of the debates. Let the man dig his own grave.
Yeah I am not sure I have agreed with anything he has ever said. I was shitting my pants for the first 20 minutes but Hillary obviously prepared and turned the tables and let him dig his own grave.

I thought she got stronger though as the debate went on. He was so weak on almost everything after the first 20 minutes.

Terrible debate stamina...


hopped on the_donald for amusement sake. They have a megathread with links to every major website poll out there about who won the debate, asking his legion of shitheels to go out and vote Trump.

Any reader poll is going to be intensely biased by the angry white male sub-30 troll community for a while.
It was right in the beginning of is unhinging but remember his answers to dealing with race relations in America was incarcerate more minorities and expand stop and frisk federally. I knew at that moment he had been completely thrown off by the tax and birther questions.


TLG Fan Caretaker Est. 2009
I don't think people who are looking at online polls have any idea how powerful the alt-right online troll brigade is.
I'd say he was "rattled" but did not become "unhinged." IMO Hillary didn't knock him out. But she won.

He babbled throughout the entire latter 2/3 of the debate. How is that not unhinged? Nobody understood a goddamn thing he was talking about. He has to WIN over more people. The numbers he is carrying are not enough to win the election. All he did today was reinforce that Trump is Trump. To some people, that's a good thing, but to an overwhelming group (60% think he has a poor temperament, you think tonight changed their mind?) he is questionable at best, a jackass at worst. He did zero to grow his base tonight, and with about a month and a half to go, that's a KO. He's not going to get many more opportunities to do that, like I said, barring a Hilary fuck up. Hillary just needs to coast these last 2 rounds and let it go to the score cards, essentially. Trump needs a knockout to win.


He'all reveal that she's not hot.

Something something cuck something something weak

If she can't handle her husband, how can she handle a country?

This is the twisted logic
Wouldn't be surprised if that's his reasoning.

I'm sure she prepared for it to the point that it would be a welcome topic. It would have been a disaster for him.
Oh, without a doubt. I dont think he would've been able to recover from that.


For the first 20 minutes he was actually making points and I thought he was staying even or slightly beating her.

Then the Trump took over. He just could not shut the fuck up and went for any bait like a shark goes after chum. It seemed to get worse and worse for him.
This is exactly how i perceived. Then he self immolated with the temperament thing and she delivered a decisive blow. He was broken and she was on a roll after that.


Considering she left two years later and also the fact that I know the E3 performance didn't do her in and you are just making things up, yes.

E3 performance June 2009
Left Nintendo in October 2010

Yep 2 years later.

Google Cammie Dunaway and look at the first 6,7 links and see how much people irrationally hated her.

She left Nintendo at their peak and joined a fuking Mexican Chain.


I was slightly worried at the start because Trump, to his credit, came out a little strong.

By the 20 minute mark though that had all fallen apart and he was getting tilted hard. His answers made no sense and he rambled a lot.


For someone who loves to brag about power vacuums he could see a mile away, he'll just drop out of NATO because they're not tremendous.

A friend asked me if braggadocious is real

It is, it's informal and not often used, but it's real.
Oh man I guess I got schooled by trump

Put me on suicide watch
And right on cue CNN's poll of debate watchers has it 67% think HIllary won. If that's not a KO I don't know what is. Tonight was a very, very, very bad night for the Donald.
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