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Press Reset: The Story of Polygon - financed by Microsoft for $750,000

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I think the layout is neat, especially in reviews and features. I think they hired a bunch of experienced people. I think some of the features they've done have been interesting. I don't recall reading many "TOP 10 LISTS OF WORST GAMES WITH BEST SOUNDTRACKS AND HOT BABE CHARACTERS" level garbage stuff.

But I don't really think the site is novel enough to need a journey to create something new, let alone a documentary about said journey.



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Revolution my ass, they had a nice blank slate to really change the look and feel of journalism and news reporting but instead just fumbled their way back to the same old tired tropes.


Why do you need a documentary? Launch your fucking site and do your work

Why is everybody on the internet acting like a celebrity who needs dozens of videos and stuff? Just do your work man


That write up is fucking hilariously up its own ass.

Polygon is a new kind of website, built on new technology, backed by a new kind of media company. Its designers hope that the new technology driving it will turn web publishing on its ear. Its backers, Vox Media, hope their business model will wake up the web to the possibilities of passionate voices creating quality content. Its founders, some of the most accomplished journalists working in the medium, hope it will broaden the possibilities for videogame media, bringing new eyes and attention to an industry on the cusp of a revolution.

More than that, though, they all simply hope it will work.

That literally says all of their grand plans are actually just kinda bullshit and they'd just like to work for a website and keep their jobs, while trying to go for some sort of underdog appeal, like a musical supergroup calling themselves indie. Great!


How long ago did they announce Polygon at this point? And what exactly is taking so long to get it up and running?


Maybe they're trying to build a website more complicated and messy than The Verge. I like the contents but is a mess.

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the verge website looks stylish and everything but their reporting is basically kotaku level imo

Couldn't disagree more. Verge is actually one of the few tech sites I still visit, along with Engadget and a few others on occasion. I've found their reporting to be solid and have liked a lot of the features they've done. Great product reviews too.

As for the Polygon side, I like their reviews a lot. Great layouts. They just need to get off The Verge and get their site going...
Yes, what a grand undertaking--to create the absolute most up-its-own-ass gaming site on the web. This is a good start.

That picture of Crecente is perfect. Never seen someone so in love with themselves.


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I'd rather have a story about this chap.

At least he made some form of impact on the industry. Maybe an extremely negative one that involved Japanese children being sent to hospital, but its more than the gaming media has done.


Self-important, much?

Why do you need a documentary? Launch your fucking site and do your work

Why is everybody on the internet acting like a celebrity who needs dozens of videos and stuff? Just do your work man

Come watch us tell each other how great we are at being great.


I'm sure I'll be a regular visitor, but god damn, tone down the self-wankery. It's nauseating.

Everyone trying to be all Steve Jobs-ey / Apple-ey, you aren't revolutionizing anything, you're writing about video games.


We don't know why he keeps buying PAL, either.
It's coming. It looks pretty cool. These things take time, you know?

Yes I know I'm a web developer myself, my site took 2 years but I'm just one guy.

Not a whole media company with untold millions.


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"We believe the time is right for a media revolution. ... We believe we can fix what's broken, and we've risked everything to prove it."

We believe there's no reason to believe any of that.


Sounds like their vision is basically a four-year-late copy of Giantbomb/old 1UP, staffed by people who their target audience that would consume such a website despise.

I wonder if this documentary is going to have a pensive, ambient, chiptune soundtrack.


Jesus... a trailer for a website?

I should pitch this idea to clients... where trailers replace the ol' underconstruction.gif
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