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Preview of Pokémon Sun & Moon anime broadcast (+ Pokémon Horizon, new manga)


As previously known, the name is Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon. Official website is open. PV is there, or you can find it on YouTube. Site mentions it begins broadcast in November, but no specific date is given. It's most likely the 24th or 17th though.

While we're at it, yesterday's news also officially revealed the key art and name of the new Pokémon manga, Pocket Monsters Horizon. A preview of it has been on the website for a while, but you can check it out now if you haven't. Serialization begins in the latest issue of monthly CoroCoro. Author is Tenya Yabuno, known for Digimon V-Tamer and the Inazuma Eleven manga.

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Having Lillie and the four Trial Captain we know about being his classmates is a pretty interesting direction and Team Rocket with a Mimikyu should be fun.


Team Rocket having a Mimikyu is the absolute best. Art style looks okay and I can't really tell if the actual quality of the animation is better or not, looks pretty smooth.
I think the PV looks pretty good. I've never watched the anime since I was a kid, but I think I'll watch an episode here and there to see some of the new Pokemon animated. It does give them more character.


This looks like a downgrade from XY/XYZ. :(

It looks like a massive improvement to me, but it may just be the first couple episodes having better animation, which isn't unusual. It reminded me of Origins a bit. Artstyle looks way better too. Less saturated, kind of like the games lately, yet not truly washed-out (like some game models :p).

Sucks that Ash is once again deaged, but I guess there's no helping that. Hopefully, things will play out better than the last time they did this...


Ash looks weird and derpy. Also... Heard this was about him going to school and graduating? Wonder how that will be handled, considering that he'd normally travel through the whole region?

I have no faith in him becoming pirate king. /s



Look at that hair on his cheeks our boy Ash has finally started showing puberty signs with this really questionable facial hair choice

No but really the thingies on his cheeks look so...weird


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The animation looks amazing. It's so fluent.

I have a feeling this will go the way of the famous Pain episode of Naruto. People thinking the simplistic style is worse than the more detail, shaded one. However, in reality it provides greater, smoother animation, as well as looking more fun. The battles will look great.

I can't wait.

I'm not bothered about Ash's supposed downgrade after losing the league. The anime has always been an advertising tool for the games, and the people who take a kid's show too seriously are setting themselves up for disappointment. The new setting looks fresh, relaxing, and a ton of fun. They're shaking up the formula in such a good way. Both games and anime wise.


Wow that's such a jarring artstyle change coming right off of X/Y. I'm really really curious how this season will be.

Boss Doggie

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Also I guess I'll do the joke.

Looks like Pokemon is really going the Digimon route! That manga is definitely V-Tamer and the anime is definitely mimicking Hosada's Our War Game!



That art style, why?

After XY and XY&Z this looks like such a downgrade. They also made Ash look younger again after having him look older in XY. Seriously why couldn't they just give Ash the damn win in the league and have a new protagonist for this series.


I like the new artstyle, when animated it looks like they're having fun with the shapes and the hair...

Looks more lively to me. The older chara designs were always stiff and the faces a bit weird. The elongated pupils fit much better with the new proportions of the eyes.

Will watch a few episodes to see how the story evolves.


Top notch animation and great new art style, shits on X/Y/Z from the highest mountain.

Bamboo 竹;216968187 said:

Looks like The Pokémon Company hired the Dragon Ball Super animators.

How many time did you have to stop the video to find this exact frame? Pathetic post.

Sou Da

How is Pikachu doing Z-moves without a stone?

Also this confirms that the anime is about Ash becoming a trial captain right?


I dislike the new art style. If they wanted to change Ash that much, they might have gone with a completely new character.


Did Ash lose his 8 pack?

One of the supporting cast already has a Popplio, so it's either Litten or Rowlet. I'm assuming Rowlet the one because of how close he is to Ash. It would also fill the flying Pokemon requirement Ash also has.
As far as flying requirement he's always caught the bird you find on the earliest routes. Although hopefully he does get a Rowlet.
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