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Princess Bitch

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I just had to post this. XD

Who is Princess Bitch you ask? Well, she looks a lot like a princess who is in another castle if you’re picking up what we’re saying. If you’re not, we’re talking about Princess Peach.

This five and a half inch tall 1:7 scale PVC figure of the pretty princess in pink mounted on top of a mushroom with her studded jewelry and looking so seductively at you begging you to pre-order her from Entertainment Earth for about $120. If you are daring enough to purchase one, it will be shipped later in November of this year.

This may not be a figure to put on your desk at work — unless you hate your job but don’t want to quit.



Damn I'm usually not into this sort of stuff, but theres something about this one.

Edit: LOL i just noticed where the mushrooms mouth is positioned.

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MMhmmm... Does she flagpole dance also?



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If I saw that on some dude's desk I would have to fight the urge to beat him to death with a fucking hammer.
good parts from the description on the entertainment earth website

Princess Bitch Anime 1:7 Scale Statue Sculpture
This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors.

Sexy PVC statue with... a mushroom!
Well-endowed princess with high heels and a great personality!
Save the princess in your hands! (¿¿que??)
A coy look and a pose that defines subtlety! (has to be a joke...)

This princess is from a totally different castle! This white-hot statue with blonde hair and a pink costume is not appropriate for children, but it might be just the thing for your home office! Perched atop an unusually-formed fungus, the oddly named "Princess Bitch" poses with pride. Princess tiara studded jewelry is true! This 1:7 scale figure measures over 5 1/2-inches tall, and is sure to be an amazing conversation piece no matter where you decide to display her! (Hey guys, didja notice my Princess Bitch statue on the dinner table? Pretty AMAZING, right?!

Age: 18+(but mostly for people that suffered from arrested development at 18)


I'm always impressed by the quality of these figures. I guess that's to be expected when you command a $100+ price tag.
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