Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney most likely coming to Europe

It's not a formal announcement, nor is it a guarantee, but it looks like Level-5 is moving forward on a European release of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. Speaking at the Japan Expo, a French convention dedicated to Japanese pop culture, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino had this to say on the possibility of the game seeing release in France:

Quelque chose est en train de se faire mais je ne peux pas vous en dire plus aujourd'hui. Soyez patient.
Translation said:
Something's in the works, but I can't talk about it today. Please be patient.
From Level-5 America's facebook:

I hope it comes to the US boxed (it's very unlikely though) I refuse to buy anything from the Eshop until Nintendo fixes their shitty account system, no AA5 for me for a while :(
"Something's in the works"

Well, it better be the translation!
Nothing much more than in the OP. Guy asks if PLvsAA will release in France and dude says, "Something's in the works, but I can't tell you more about it today. Please be patient."

Next question is if there'll be another trilogy in the Layton franchise and the answer is that if there's a seventh game in the works, it probably won't involve the Professor Layton we know of today.

Edit: Oh, of an actual game localization! Well, that'd be neat.

Can't imagine this would be a Europe only release.


In our defence... we did buy a bajillion copies of one of those things and the other thing was terribly mismanaged here.

... sorry. =(

great news, I was just looking up to see if there were any developments today.

Saw Level-5 hinted at it back in 2011 and lost a bit of hope.
Not too worried (maybe a little bit).since Nintendo publishes the Layton games in both Europe and North America, I see no reason why this wont come to North America as well IF this is getting localized.

Nothing is confirmed so until I see a actual confirmation, ill still have hope for it.
He also mentioned that Layton won't be coming anytime soon after the last one (set to be released this year in EU), and if there's a new game in the series, it won't be "Layton as we know it".
Well US will get some sort of release whether they have a box form or eshop release. I'm really hyped for this game especially since I just beat Apollo Justice.
It's rather strange we are hearing about Europe releases of Level-5 games before NA, since Level-5 has a US branch but no Euro branch & distributor.
If I had to guess what he is talking about I would say he is working on making it digital only release, it seems like less of a risk localising it & much easier/ cheaper to distribute the game.

Anyway, this is great news if they really are localising it. PLvsAA is one of my most anticipated titles on the 3DS, the reviews called it a missed opportunity but it still looks like a lot of fun.
Because AA5 had the localization team working along with the development team, whereas we already know Level-5 takes a long time to localize their Layton games.
Nintendo localizes Professor Layton games and we get one per year which is already pushing it in terms of market saturation. I expect PLvsAA to come out late/fall 2014.