Project CARS 2 announced

With over 10 years of heritage and pedigree making some of the world’s most memorable and successful racing franchises – such as GTR, Need For Speed, and Test Drive – Slightly Mad Studios once again pioneered and innovated in 2015 by launching the critically-acclaimed and best-selling Project CARS; a game wholly funded and created by a passionate community of racing fans from around the world.

With tens of thousands of players testing the game, giving feedback on it, and creating assets for it throughout development, Project CARS has been hailed as a true competitor to long-established stalwarts, and as the market leader in both visual fidelity and technical expertise.

With an existing schedule of ON DEMAND content already underway to continue providing Project CARS with fresh new features, updates, and great things to play with throughout the year, Slightly Mad Studios now turns its attention to the future with the announcement of the continuation of the franchise with Project CARS 2. And once again, the sequel will be created, tested, and ultimately approved by you – the gamers - through the WMD Portal crowd-funding platform.

Building upon the huge success of Project CARS being one of the highest-rated and fastest-selling racing games of this generation, Project CARS 2 continues to expand, innovate, and dominate with...

THE LARGEST TRACK ROSTER EVER - 50 unique locations and 200+ courses including 'loose surface racing' on dirt, gravel, mud, and snow. All will have dynamic time of day and weather allowing you to play anytime, anywhere

THE WIDEST VARIETY OF MOTORSPORTS with 8 different disciplines now including Rallycross, Hillclimbs, and Touge. 200+ cars from over 40 different vehicle classes including never-before-seen Concepts and Banned Race Cars

CO-OP CAREER - Play as the Teammate Driver, Spotter, Driver Swap, or Co-Pilot. More choices, more opportunities, more strategy, greater risks and greater rewards

SEAMLESSLY CONNECTED - Socialize and compete via Online Track Days, have players from around the world take the place of AI-controlled drivers in your solo play, and get news updates on the Driver Network around you

PRO ESPORTS RACING - Skill & Behavioural-based matchmaking, create your own Online Racing Seasons, and Live Broadcast and Spectator functionality

YOUR HOME FOR RACING - Your own personal, customisable Test Track to tune and test your cars. Invite others to showcase your passion for racing and learn race craft and engineering with the Project CARS Academy
They really shouldn't be starting crowdfunding for a sequel so soon after the first game was released, let alone announce a sequel so soon after the first one (two months! it was two fucking months!).
Good thing I just bought the first one...

I mean seriously? They could've done everyone a favor and waited awhile to announce this. This is going to piss away a lot of the goodwill they got from Project Cars.

Is this a joke? I can't tell if this is just a funny away to announce an expansion pack.
Well, I guess I shouldn't have bought the original during the steam sale. I had expected they'd do a DLC model instead of a sequel. Considering the original feels like half a game.

EDIT: \/ \/ \/ That's a better. Maybe they just should've held on to this announcement for a few more months.
So there is no point to buying Project CARS now? Even if they're updating the first one, why do I want to play that if a whole new version is coming out?
Reposting some of my thoughts from the Sim Thread.

I was in from the first day for the first title and I'm in this time too. I'm not actually even that excited about building the all-inclusive motorsports stuff rather than I am about being able to iterate and expand upon the current features, but some stuff like the test track sound really nice:
YOUR HOME FOR RACING – Your own personal, customisable Test Track to tune and test your cars. Invite others to showcase your passion for racing and learn race craft and engineering with the Project CARS Academy
That said, I do think it would have been nice to have them pull a slightly longer pre-pre-pre-prodcution before going live since the truth is that they are much better at creating and defining the core vision and rushing head-on isn't always the best choice, though it does feel like there is already a rather strong vision behind the product. I also have to say that the little while they had the "quick and dirty" loose surface physics on the test track in pCARS 1 it did feel really good. Glad to see SMS and Codemasters really push that aspect of racing games further though :)

Prizes aren't the cheapest, but for the ability to read and discuss is much more worth than just the base game. Though SMS and others did get burned a bit by the Euro losing value so I'm not surprised and I get the feeling that this time they really do want to include the WMD itself in the price. Not that I blame them; WMD whilst great, has also been a massive timesink into the development of pCARS 1 and it felt like this massive entity demanding attention more than it gave back towards the end.

The original pCARS has been a really valuable learning in experience in game dev for me so in for Bronze now, but will upgrade to Silver/Gold soon-ish.

And a fair warning to those that look forward to trying the game out immediately, Build 0 is as barebones as it gets. There really isn't much playable, just few cars on track with different surfaces and very, very few necessary pieces from pCARS 1.

Also since someone's bound to mention it. NO, this doesn't affect the plans for post-launch support of the original pCARS and they have over 40 staff members working on post-launch
Ohh boy Esports.


Way to set precedent on your support of the game, announce a sequel a month and a half after release of the first one.
Feels weird to read the announcement of a sequel when i am still playing their bug filled first game.
All the goodwill i have towards them may just trasform into a total indifference.
Very ambitious game. ProjectCars has been out for a long time and I'm glad they aren't following the console cycle but the community that supported them from the start.