Project Octopath Traveler on Switch 2018, demo on eShop [Up: Surveys sent out]

I'm really intrigued by this. I've been disillusioned with JRPGs for a long time, but there seems to be some interesting ideas happening here.

Definitely in for the demo.
Liking that art style, and each of the main characters having different abilities to progress through the story sounds interesting. Looking forward to trying the demo.
I'm avoiding Mario so this was the star of the Direct for me. Really does seem like a SNES/PSone era RPG brought to life in a new, high-tech way.


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This game looks incredible. This vaulted into the top of my most wanted list.


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Really like seeing how different devs approach the switch hardware in terms of art direction. I'm not much of a turn based guy, but I love the look of this and will definitely be checking out the demo!
Game looks great, but it's still funny to me that the devoted 1/4 of their Spotlight Games and shadowdropped a demo for a game that still doesn't have a final title.
Looks very good but I hope it has a better story and dialogue than BD. JRPG developers can come up with awesome battle systems and graphics/art styles but fall short on the rest.
This game looks SaGa as hell

I am so excited

btw when they put the survey up, make sure to fill it out. They put out a couple of demos for Bravely Default before release and they really took player feedback into account. That game really improved dramatically in terms of combat and stuff.
DEMO WHEN (edit: up now!)

Looks so good. Lighting was terrific, the whole aesthetic really works IMO. Music sounds great, you can feel the influence from Bravely... just looks like the kind of game I will love.