Project Octopath Traveler's art style is a must for future Remakes.


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I think it looks great, but Jesus, cut down on that damn vignetting + DoF. It's destroying the image outside of a 500 pixel radius from center.
I dunno, the art style is kinda all over the place. The pixel ratio is inconsistent, some parts are blurry and some are jagged, the dark contrast is really distracting... It actually reminds me a lot of the FFV and FFVI mobile remakes. It's just all over the place.
I'm not the biggest fan of the Secret of Mana remake art, and that Octopath art style is striking, I'm not convinced it can be transplanted onto other games that successfully.
I had enough of old-style graphics with modern effects in 3D Dot Game Heroes. I can't say I really like it here. There's that weird Paper Mario thing going on where you've got 2D character sprites in a clearly 3D world but unlike Paper Mario, it's not justified here in the least.
My brain instinctively perceives "pixel art as texture for 3D environments" as PS1 era optimisation.
I understand what they're going for though, and it looks great in certain scenes.
I like it a lot, but there's something gross about the way the characters don't seem to be part of their world. Like, they look stuck on. They pop out too much, I guess.