Project Scorpio will be called Xbox: Scorpio (Best Buy leak)

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Same name was hinted at by Geoff Keighley:



Fitting. It'll be the only console that can run Just Cause 3 at 30fps.

Wait, is Rico even called 'Scorpio' in Just Cause 3. I have no idea.


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Is it Xbox | Scorpio or Xbox Scorpio though? I suppose it could be a placeholder logo.
I'm fine with Scorpio but it doesn't really say anything about the product. "Pro", as generic and overused as it is, is pretty clear. Even "One X" would have been better, imho.

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Meh. It's going to confuse people. "Is this game out for Scorpio or One?"

I hope that's not a marketing slogan they're going for. It's been proven in numerous console cycles that the most powerful console is not a persuasive crutch to get people to buy your system especially if the price is really high. If it's a rumored $500 system that is basically a gaming PC that plays Xbox One games, I think they're going to be disappointed in the reception.

The name could be too confusing for the masses.

For example, PS4 and PS4 Pro make sense and tell me both systems run the same games. I don't know what this is just by hearing the name. Scorpio is okay for a project code name, but wtf does it mean for branding a product?
Looks like a home made preorder advert based on information that's widely available. The logo and slogan branding definitely won't look like that in official materials.


I like the name tbh. They were obviously not going to call it Xbox One ___ because of the negative stigma attached to the brand this gen so I think Scorpio is fine.
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