Project Sonic 2017 now called Sonic Forces [Update: First Gameplay Footage]

Jul 11, 2016
Brussels, Belgium.
New infos :
- New engine build for the game : Hedgehog Engine 2, improving lighting, better rendering
- Evolution of Sonic Colors and Generations
- Reworked boost feature from Unleashed/Colors/Generations
- Three styles of gameplay : modern (showed in gameplay), classic and an unknown one
- Multiple paths in levels
- Wisps are back
- Game's set up in a world where Eggman won (fallen timeline yada yada)
- Game's still planned for holidays 2017
- More infos coming in next couple of months

Direct-feed gameplay footage :
Music preview (by Crush40, but they haven't done the recording yet) :

Dec 12, 2008
This is 100% Sonic and his friends in a gritty, war torn world acting as rebels to the Robotnik law of the land.

Edit: Or they're all fighter pilots.