Project X Zone Dated for June 25th (NA)


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
Basically, this and SMTIV separated by not even a month. As well as Animal Crossing and this. Without even counting Mario&Luigi or Rune Factory 4. 2013DS in US, indeed.
Yay! Well, it looks like the summer and October will be all set for the 3DS. I would ask about September, but I think most people will be using Sept. to finish the summer line-up. This line-up is so much better than 2012's.
The euro version of the site just says Summer, so hopefully the date here won't be too far off - buying the 3DS the day I see this in a store, but hopefully there'll be a 3DS+game bundle.
25th June, I don't think Namco would release Tales of Xillia too close with another of their game, might be a sign they're targeting a mid-July release schedule at best

EDIT : Oh I will obviously buy this game when it comes out... in Europe.
All of these 3DS games. Mmmmmm. Now I just need Bravely Default and Time Travelers to be confirmed. Hell, DQ VII would even be delicious.

I will probably pick this up because I love my Xenosaga references. :-D
Isn't this team known for making poor games? Other than the godly fanservice, has anyone played this and thought it was a good game?
I didn't play a whole lot of this one for lack of time but from the bit I did play it's an excellent distillation of everything that made Namco X Capcom awesome, without the issues that made that game unnecessarily long and tedious. I liked SRW OG Saga a lot too, but it's much harder to fit a free roaming RPG into my schedule than it is an SRPG.