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[PS Blog] New DualSense wireless controller colors arrive next month, followed by new PS5 console covers


Piece of shitty plastic will be "in deficit" and everyone will be losing their minds to get it.

Your loyalty is phenomenal. They're sheets of plastic at an outrageous price. $20, sure. But plastic is pennies per sq. ft.
Right, not like shipping is through the roof, if you're having trouble spending $55 on a completely unnecessary luxury item, I have no other words for you.


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January - $60 faceplate
February - $80 Horizon SE
March - $90 GT7

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What they NEED to do is alter the shape and thickness of the shells to make it where when they are on the PS5, it would make the console a straight-lined rectangle box, instead of that wavy, curvy silliness.
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This kind of purple is pre isely my favourite colour, so beautiful 😍

Now if only Sony allowed to change the LED colour on the DS and the console itself from default blue that would be nice, but after DS4 I already know I'm asking for way too much :/

Because realistically, only the standard white or the black cover will look right, the rest of the colors simply don't match with blue. They should've gone with white as the default LED backlit which would suit everything, especially when they knew all along they'll inteoduce replaceable covers way before the console was even revealed, as per the rumors.


Nice one Sony, release an ugly as fuck console then charge us nearly the price of a game to make it slightly less hideous. I'll wait for a sale.


Tried to order both a black and red like I did for the controllers a few months back, but the page said the order exceeded the item limit per household. Got just the red one for now.


Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
The black one looks a little better.

Still way too big, and looks like a shellfish. Or giant female genitalia.


I'd have to get two - pink and blue. And then use one of each so I have half pink and half blue. But what am I saying. I'm not even getting a PS5. :p


Lol some of you guys are so cheap. 55 is totally fine, especially for something that you have to look at in your setup. People were okay with dbrand prices and that didnt have the logo or the little micro ps symbols. We got a first party solution finally, this should have been expected at this point.
That purple is worth every penny DEAR LORD
They are going to be hard to get, and will be going for 150$ on ebay. Should I buy the Pink covers now, or wait till I buy my GF a PS5 first.

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Right, not like shipping is through the roof, if you're having trouble spending $55 on a completely unnecessary luxury item, I have no other words for you.
I'm still getting my packages from amazon at the same price and shit is showing up same or next-day. It can't be that bad, especially on products that don't have a single electronic in them.
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So people would really pay $50 for these covers? Surely Dbrand and other cheaper alternatives will do the exact same thing for less than half
the price?

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Surprised no one has made a third party one that makes it sit flat. Wouldn't that be another real draw of this setup? You could use these shells to make it more like a PS4, and still give it some kind of unique look to the design. It shouldn't JUST be about color (for 3rd parties). Sony is obviously trying to keep the look "iconic."
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