PS Vita Friend List Thread


edit: I have had way too many scam artists adding me and asking for my account details since adding my name here. I'm not going to game-share with strangers.

Currently own :

Uncharted GA
Hot Shots Golf
FIFA Soccer
Super Stardust Delta

Soon :

Virtua Tennis 4
Wipeot 2048

Feel free to add me :)
Add Bastions

Current games:

Virtua Tennis 4
Michael Jackson
Escape Plan
Little Deviants
Shinobido 2
Hot Shots Golf
Mutant Blobs Attack
PSN/SEN - GotTheShakes

Currently own
FIFA Soccer
Hot Shots
Dynasty Warriors Next
Virtua Tennis
Michael Jackson Experience (free due to the PS Store screw up)
Super Stardust Delta

Will own soon
Hustle Kings
MLB 12: The Show
Motorstorm RC (when it releases in NA)


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SEN: Shad0w59

My claim to fame is that I have 100% trophies for Uncharted and Welcome Party from last year. Had my Vita since Hong Kong launch...
There's a spreadsheet in the OP...

I guess it's a little hidden in the FAQ section.

Find a GAFer to play with @ Google Docs (hidden link, quote post to view it)


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My name's already on the Google Doc, but here ya go:


I have HSG, Wipeout, and Uncharted. Might be buying a game or two today or tomorrow though.
I haven't gotten my Vita yet so I don't know if its cheating to post in here yet :p

but my PSN is ryno2or35

also add me on Steam ;) same account name or just look up Injurai in the community search.
Thanks for starting this thread!


  • Games:
  • Uncharted
  • Lumines
  • BlazBlue
  • UMvC3
  • Wipeout
  • Hot Shots Golf
  • Mutant Blobs Attack
  • Super Stardust Delta (don't get it until March 22nd)
Please add me, I need some PS friends! : (

PSN: TheApatheticOne

My games:
Hot Shots Golf
Uncharted GA
Super Stardust Delta
Dynasty Warriors Next
Motorstorm RC (DL'ing tonight!)
Unit 13 (soon)
PSN ID: Callibretto

I'll be adding you all HSG player and future Unit13, Motorstorm RC player too. ;)

Hot Shot Golf
Hustle Kings
Escape Plan
Mutant Blob Attack

upcoming games:
Unit 13
Motorstorm RC

oh and feel free to add me
PSN ID is XCell9200

I own Virtua Tennis, ModNation Racers, and Golden Abyss, and ill probably be buying Hot Shots soon as well. Add me! I only have like 2 psn friends :-(
I don't play a lot online, but that could possibly change with the Vita.

PSN ID: Figboy

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
Rayman Origins
wipEout 2048

Will get soon:

Motorstorm RC
Unit 13
Gravity Rush/Daze
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


PSN id -Kartik21

Everybody's Golf
WipEout 2048
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Reality Fighters
Super Stardust Delta
Unit 13
Modnation: Road Trip
Little Deviants
FIFA Football
PSN/SEN Id = krik

Games I own:

Wipeout 2048 (not received yet)
Super Stardust Delta - my first purchase. I did not know AT&T was giving it away with the 3G/WiFi bundle :(
PSN = N0_0N10NS

I have Hot Shots Golf right now, Uncharted and Lumines should be arriving today, but my copy of Wipeout is backordered from the Amazon B2G1, I should have it soon though!

Feel free to add me!
SEN: Taileru-Kun(EU)

Rayman Origins
Frobisher Says!
Super Stardust Delta
Blazblue EX
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
Everybody's Golf
Gravity Rush
Mutant Blobs Attack