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PS Vita general discussion thread, part 5 | The handheld who would be King

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Feb 8, 2012
I've only played 2 matches, but they both ran flawlessly. I was really surprised by how smooth the online was.

It's on and off the more I play. Played as sweet tooth again a d didn't lag as much and won.

It's good. Just not sure I wouldn't get bored pretty quick.

Shame there isn't a mode to just practise the chars moves. Sweet tooth is only one I've clicked with


Jun 3, 2012
It is iOS price. The game is on iOS too and is the same price as on PSN.

SunFlowers is a great little time killer, thoroughly recommend it :)

Ah I didn't realise, just assumed it got a bump for the vita....would have thought it would be cheaper on iPhone at least. Anyway the demo is good fun for sure, just me being a bit of a scrooge as usual.

PASBR is a lot of fun tbh! Loving sly's invisiwalk - and no 2+2=5, I thought they did the controls on prappa really well too, a platformer with him would be great fun!


Feb 21, 2012
North Carolina, USA
Tales of Innocence R (import) or just wait for P4G. Little Kind's Story is cool. I heard.

I may look into Tales of Innocence, I do enjoy the Tales series. I already have P4G and Ragnarok Odyssey preordered. :D

New Little King's Story looks neat, although the supposed framerate issues sound frustrating.

Hit dat psp backlog

Trails in the Sky. Everyone loves TitS.

I have FFT:War of the Lions and Tactics Ogre for PSP, as well as MHFU. I may look into getting TiTS, everyone is always talking about how great it is.

Dr Dogg

Nov 30, 2011
Hello fellow Vitabros, I just received my first Vita in the mail today and am very excited to be among your ranks.

I have Disgaea 3 on the way thanks to another Gaf member. Any other games you all would recommend for fans of RPGs?

Trails in the Sky. Everyone loves TitS.

Totally have to agree. Just got TitS/P3P bundle in a recent sale and both look amazing on the Vita.


Crystal Bearer
Nov 28, 2007
Noblesville, IN
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