PS Vita OS Thread: Beautiful Chaos


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Jun 15, 2006

Model Number: PCH-1000 Series
Predecessor: Playstation Portable, PSP Go
Release Date: Dec. 17th 2011 (japan), TBA NA & EUR
Price: 249.99, 299.99 (3G)

Screen: 5.0" OLED (in comparison of PSP's 4.3 TFT LCD)
CPU: 4 core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore
Memory: 512 MB RAM, 128 MB VRAM
GPU: Graphics 4 core SGX543MP4+

Battery: Built-In Litium-ion Baterry: DC3.7V 2200mA (Game Aprox. 3-5 Hrs, Video Aprox. 5 Hrs, Music Aprox. 9 Hrs), Charging time = 2 Hrs 40 Mins from 0 power

Input: Front Touch Screen, Rear Touch Pad, Sixaxis Motion Sensing, Three-Axis Electronic Compass, D-Pad, 12 Face buttons, Dual Analog Sticks, Front and Rear VGA Cameras
Connectivity: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, GPS (3g version only)

Region: Vita is region free!

Beautiful Chaos?:
At first glance. And maybe even second glance... The Vita OS is unorganized, messy, and confusing. But looking deeper, there are some beautiful ideas behind the interface. I think if Sony makes the interface more cohesive, it will be pretty impressive. Because as far as portable gaming goes, it's the richest OS we've seen yet. It gives PS3/360/Wii a run for it's money as well.

What is it and what does it do?:
-Sony has not given the Vita OS an offical name
This means:
-custom music while in any game (universal) or application
-web browsing in-game
-party chat while web browsing & gaming​
-Although similar in multitasking function, we do know that the device's OS is not android
-The Vita's OS has a modern framework akin to a PC
-VITA will be compatible with downloaded Sony PSP games through emulation
-Vita is capable of MSAA
-Vita also has dedicated hard ware for media playback
-Vita and PSP can play together in ad-hoc mode
-Commercially available Bluetooth headsets will work, however, they may function differently depending on the device specifications.
-Multiple Accounts? Unfortunately no

Predecessor: Playstation Portable XMB
Display: 960 × 544 pixels @ 220 ppi (PSP = 480 × 272)
Memory: Of Vita's 512MB ram and 128MB VRAM, _an unknown amount__ Is allocated to the OS.
Removable Memory: 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB
Additional Battery: 5000mAh External Battery

Home Screen:

Vita home screen can switch between bubbles and vertical banners when many apps are multitasking. The bubble mode, seems to be the default home screen. You can slide your finger up on this screen to reveal more applications. You can also customize this section, more on this later.

Welcome Park is a simple tutorial application which lets you experience the basic operations and features of PS Vita.
Included in welcome park are a few mini-games to help you get accustomed to vita's capabilities.
There are five sections for you to go through: Touch, Tilt, Microphone, and Camera (which has two sections).


Quick touch. Touch the displayed numbers in order.
Simultaneously press two fingers, flick and drag, touch the back pad.


Tilt the Vita to slide the skateboarding man


A game where you can assign different sounds to different circles and then move the balls


A photo puzzle. Move the squares to complete the puzzle.
The button on the left switches between front and rear cameras.

Camera 2:

Take pictures of faces or landscapes.

Each game on PS Vita will have its own LiveArea Screen, which is split into two zones.

In the Info Zone you can find out about the latest downloadable content for the game you're playing, and see tournament events that are taking place. In the Communication Zone, see how your PlayStation Network friends are getting on through automatic status updates. You'll be able to see if they've earned a new trophy and leave comments for them, too.


Party is an innovative application which enables you to enjoy voice or text chat not only during online gaming, but also when you are playing different games offline or using different applications such as the Internet browser. Users who are chatting together can also seamlessly join an online game to play together, while a bookmarking feature enables you to easily reconnect with your favourite groups. The official number is up to 8 people in a party.

Web Browser:

Jeff_Rigby would be proud. The PS Vita system's web browser is the perfect place to enjoy the internet. Surf the net, browse your favourite pages and type using the touch screen keyboard on the stunning 5 inch OLED screen. Pinch to zoom is supported. You can also open up to 8 windows. It can also be used while in a game. Here is Jeff's take on the browser.
The Vita's browser currently doesn't support Flash content, though Sony claims it is "evaluating" support for Flash as well as PDF documents
*Not having flash != not being able to browse youtube, see iPad and iPhone devices

Photo Viewer:

Supported Media: JPEG (Exif 2.2.1), TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG
Store all of your images and view them anytime on PS Vita. Check out pictures you've snapped with one of the PS Vita system's two cameras, and build up albums of screenshots you've taken while playing your favourite games. You can also upload your images straight to your social applications from the vita.

Music Player:

Supported Media: MP3 MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3, MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC), WAVE (Linear PCM)
No matter what you're doing, you can always enjoy the amazing features of PS Vita. On the bus? Plug in your headphones and turn up your favourite tunes. Out with friends? Use the PS Vita system's built-in stereo speakers and let everyone join in the party. The music player can be used during multitasking like viewing images, web browsing, and playing games.

Video Player:

Supported Media: MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC), H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High/Main/Baseline Profile (AAC)
Keep all of your favourite films and videos to hand on your PS Vita, and enjoy them on the system's stunning 5 inch OLED screen.

Social Apps:

Skype - FourSquare - Facebook - Twitter

The amazing social networking features of PS Vita can help you stay in touch with your friends and up to date with all the latest gossip. Find out what's going on all over the world, wherever you are, with these social network apps. They've been developed specifically for PS Vita and will be available to download for free from PlayStation Store.

Nico Nico Douga:
a popular YouTube-style video service in Japan that allows user comments to scroll across the screen as videos play. While at launch the Vita will only be able to view videos (with comments embedded and addable via the console), in spring of 2012, Sony plans to allow images/video taken with the Vita's camera to upload to Nico Nico, directly from the handheld.

The final, but most interesting plan for Nico Nico Douga is live streaming. At some point during 2012, though this will have to be implemented on a title-by-title basis, Nico Nico is allowing live streaming of games from Vita to the web service.
Content Manager

Use it to deal with running out of space on a memory stick - transferring stuff to and from a PC or PS3. The difference between this and PSP is that the operations are all controlled from Vita rather than from software running on the PSP.

Remote Play

Not much is known about the specifics of Vita's Remote play option. But like the PSP, the Vita is capable of connecting to PS3 Remote play enabled games. The back touch panel used to replace the DualShock 3 buttons that the Vita doesn’t have. With LittleBigPlanet 2, for which the vita actually worked as a Wii U-like controller, addding touchscreeen functionality to the PS3 game played on a normal TV
-Killzone 3 Remote play

Weather and Calendar

Vita will contain more non-gaming applications such as weather updates and the calendar. Playstation Suite will help accomodate non-gaming apps.

*You can close background apps by sliding the corner tab down on a application live area

Vita can notify you of incoming messages, party requests, and game invites.
Near and Live areas also push notifications to your vita's OS.
Vita seems to have two ways of giving you notifications.

One being the blue bubble at the top right of the gui.
This method is similar to android phones, as a number will appear of how many notifications you have.

Pressing the bubble will bring down the Notification Center

Also through the PS button, glowing/flashing blue, the Vita will alert you. This light also flashes when you start your Vita.

Playstation Store:

PlayStation Store will be able to be accessed from both 3G and Wi-Fi, which can be chosen depending on the network environments available or the volume of content. You can play PSP titles, minis and PS one Classics available from PS Store. There is also a video section of the playstation store. Comics has not been confirmed as of now.


Near is a core PS Vita feature composed of location based services that utilize PlayStation Network. Developed specifically for PS Vita, Near will be pre-installed on the system to let you find out what other PS Vita users in the area are playing right now or what they were playing recently, as well as what titles are the most popular in the area. You can meet friends and new players virtually, regardless of what games they are playing, simply by sharing your game information across PlayStation Network.

Near also enables location based gaming features such as Gifting, where you can access virtual game-related items that others are sharing through checking in at geographic locations that others have also visited. The virtual items can include content unlocked from games, such as character costumes, weapons and treasures.

Unlike StreetPass, a Vita user does not necessarily have to pass by another fellow Vita owner to have a shot at getting a gift. The gift distributor goes about their daily routine in real life then syncs their Vita with a Near server to record where they have been. Should another Vita user pass through the same locations the distributor has visited, they can get gifts when their Vita syncs with a Near server. You'll receive a gift for every location the distributor passed through.

You can enjoy Near using Wi-Fi, but to get the most out of Near, a 3G connection is preferable. You will be able to obtain more information and encounter new players in real time by using a 3G connection + GPS.

Friend Network: (aka Vita's Home)

Not much is known about this application. But based off video, it seems to be vita's version of home where players can connect and play mini games.
Video Footage @ :22

Friends List:

In your profile you can share information about yourself. Choose an avatar that represents you best, add your friends and let the world see your gaming and trophy stats. Your Friends List will allow you to search for and add new friends, and accept requests sent to you. Click on a friend's profile to see what game they are playing on either PS Vita or PlayStation 3. You can join their game, take a look at what you've played together recently or compare your trophy collections.


Yes trophies are on Vita, and cross platform compatible with your PS3. Click on one of your friends' profiles to see how they've been doing, and compare all of your trophies to see who the better player is.

Message and Group Messenger:

Another great way to contact your PlayStation Network friends is through PSN Message. Send them an update or even a picture you've taken with your PS Vita to let them know what's going on.

With group messaging you can send messages to anyone, not just those on your friends list. Up to 16 can participate in a group messaging session.

Cross Play:
Cross Play is the ability to play against PS3 players using your Vita. Wipeout 2048 is one confirmed title for example.


Transfarring is Kojima's coined system of allowing people to take save data from a console to a portable device.(and vice versa). Other developers are implementing this system of resuming your game on PS3 &Vita. (although not titled transfarring).

"Ruin" is a confirmed title of using this.

Not much has revealed about customizing your vita. But there were two tidbits shown. One being the Home screen, which can slide up and down to reveal 4 home screens. The Bubbles can be placed where you like, and you can attach a wallpaper to each home screen. (Although it is unknown if each home screen can have a different wallpaper)

There is also the "lock screen" that displays the time and other information. This screen also has the ability of a custom wallpaper.

*also thanks to:
-Nuclear Muffin


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I'm still not convinced. The Vita looks fantastic, but the OS looks cluttered and, well, ugly.

But awesome job on the OP! Maybe I'll be persuaded when I get my hands on it. :)
Aug 14, 2006
Jeff_Rigby would be proud. The PS Vita system's web browser is the perfect place to enjoy the internet. Surf the net, browse your favourite pages and type using the touch screen keyboard on the stunning 5 inch OLED screen. Pinch to zoom is supported. Flash is supported. You can also open up to 8 windows. It can also be used while in a game. Here is Jeff's take on the browser.
Wait a minute, since when was Flash support confirmed?

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God dammit, that is indeed a beautiful piece of technology.

Thanks for the hard work on the thread, it showed me some new, exciting stuff I didn't know about.
Aug 14, 2006
Moneyhats2k5 said:
Anyone know how much built in memory there is for native apps/os?
No idea yet. Considering that the browser is fully featured, can support 8 tabs and can run while playing a game. I expect the OS to take up quite a large chunk of that total RAM (at least 128MB, maybe even more - just a guess though, nothing concrete)


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Jul 6, 2005
Nuclear Muffin said:
No idea yet. Considering that the browser is fully featured, can support 8 tabs and can run while playing a game. I expect the OS to take up quite a large chunk of that total RAM (at least 128MB, maybe even more - just a guess though, nothing concrete)
You expect the system OS to take up more than 128mb of ram during gameplay?
Nov 7, 2006
Thanks OP, great info.

I remember a couple of years ago the PS3 FW was rumoured for a major upgrade. Things like using the browser in game for checking game guides and online stat tracking. Clearly memory is a huge factor so I'm excited to see how Vita OS develops. I reckon, like in game XMB, there'll be a stripping back of functions whilst in game. No 8 tab browsing then I'd imagine. But I haven't paid much attention to the UI/OS so maybe I'm wrong.

I wonder if videos will have the same thumbnail option as PS3? I've only seen a video in this thread so could be wildly out of the loop.


Mar 14, 2010
The only thing that disappointed me about this otherwise great future handheld is the lack of, or at least so far no mention of, built-in memory.
I understand trying to make some money back on overly expensive proprietary cards, but to have nothing from the get go annoys me.

Otherwise I can't wait to get one, can't argue with being able to get some trophies while out and about, lol.
May 20, 2008
Nuclear Muffin said:
The browser is as fully featured as Safari on iOS and you have the other apps running in the background at the same time as well. Seems plausible to me.
They said Vita will always prioritizes games, so if it's running low on memory for the game it will shutdown background apps.
Sep 13, 2009
I wish you had the gif of the start up of the Vita from the keynote , hilarious when they couldnt get it on.

great job op

I can't wait to see and try all the features, looking very good, hyped!

Corgi wall paper B^)


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May 8, 2007
How many of these features are coming in a future update?

°°ToMmY°° said:
They said Vita will always prioritizes games, so if it's running low on memory for the game it will shutdown background apps.
Yup, and iOS closes pages from memory when the active app needs it.
When pages reload on a tab you had open, that's why.

I'm sure this browser will be similar.