PS4 1.5 Update File is apparently up on update servers

I'm not sure I'd grab it now, in case they modify it before launch. However, it is a good thing that it is available before launch, because I am sure that the servers will be swamped on release day, causing headaches to anyone who tries to grab it.
Well the important news here is that with each update Sony seems to be adding a recovery file for if things go wrong. As someone with two PS3s borked dude to dodgy updates, this is a massive relief.

Im also very happy you can still update via USB.
Hope we can install this on a usb, that way I can save myself the trouble of the insane traffic jam to grab this file.
do you think they will sell 80 million consoles day 1 or something? Because regular firmware updates for 80 million download fast, i dont see why this wouldnt.

They use CDN for downloads, it is not going to be any kind of problem.
When I went to a Game PS4 lock-in, we spent a while watching them prep the demo kiosks. One kiosk had a system update - I suspect it would have been updated to v1.5
Do we know if these updates have region differences? I seem to remember the process of grabbing them from the site saying to make sure you get the right one for your region.
I feel like I'm the only one not worried about servers crashing on release date...
I'm not worried at all either. I don't think the server load is going to be as bad as people think. The launch is staggered across regions and time zones, and most people are going to stick to physical media for launch at the very least. A 300MB patch is practically nothing so the servers aren't going to get hit too hard outside of the update and the minority of people downloading their games.