PS4 Controller - Dualshock 4 Unveilved

most likely a beta. Doesnt look consumer ready at the moment. Even the WiiU controller changed a number of times after it was revealed as a consumer product.
Kinda wish they got rid of the gap on the d-pad, but otherwise it looks like it's more solid than the other DualShocks, so that's cool. Looks like the L1/R1 have been enlarged, but I still don't know about the triggers, they still seem convex or flat.

Anyhoo, looks alright.
Its perfect. Seems to solve all the problems I had with the ds3. More ergonomic handles, more grip on convex analog sticks, better triggers.
I think the touchpad looks about as ergonomic as an this ends up as the next underused controller feature. I also think the new buttons on the front look uncomfortable.

That said, the actual functionality of the controller is impressive, and I'm not sure where else you could cram this stuff without increasing the size of the controller. Maybe they should make it bigger, but...
It does look like The Homer, but it also looks bigger than the DS' that I've hated, which is a good improvement if true. I hope to god that the dpad is the Vita's. Sure doesnt look like it.
Looks kinda ugly to me, but I won't really care if it fits well in my hand. Triggers don't quite look ideal, either. Again, I won't know until I get my hands on one of these and start tugging at those triggers, slammin' dem buttons.

Those analog sticks look like they could be pretty damn comfortable depending on what material they're made of.