PS4 does movie level cgi visuals. eyeball gif fiesta.

Not assuming anything until I have it for myself. If the Killzone CGI target and the FFVII tech demo were an accurate indicator of the minimum for last gen we'd be laughing this stuff off.
I have to admit that between GAF going down and the stuttering nature of the GT streaming I couldn't see much of the graphic fidelity of the trailers.

But seeing it in GIF like that does look really good, especially the Killzone one. It doesn't mean that I'll buy Killzone (can't stand FPS of any kind) but I'm imagining how next-gen Mass Effect will look like on PS4.


Considering true high-end movie level CG, the stuff many people can't distinguish from reality, cannot be done in real-time on super high-end workstations exceeding even high-end gaming PCs...sorry! :p

Good to see GAF hyperbole is running full steam though.


I love how people are saying Watch Dogs is running on pc like they got industry secrets!

aka ps4 is like a PC who woulda known.

That and Killzone looked amazing.
DD is clearly realtime (at least parts of it definitely are), but that raises the question of what hardware it was running on.

That and the obvious camera and bare HUD make it seem more like a development mockup than a real game at this point in time.
It's crazy to think that things that used to be CGI/Cutscenes will soon be live play, in high definition goodness..

All we need now is full occulus rift support on a next gen console and we don't need reality at all, was really hoping to see it here


Hopsiah the Kanga-Jew
That fire from the dragon is not any gen; I doubt it's real time and Watch Dogs was played on PC.
It's an engine demo not gameplay. So as far as that's concerned, yes it's real. Ono said it was a realtime demo of the new engine. MT Framework looked way better than pretty much everything when we first saw that too.

Watch Dogs was played on a "PS4 spec'd PC" for stability issues. It's no big deal, the game is still early in development.
I take the killzone and watchdogs, but the latter was running on PC.
I thought the DriveClub was cool. Upon second look at the video, the cars are insanely modeled, the environment and gameplay somewhat lacking but I will give them it is a WIP.
The rest where nice tech demos that should be taken as that. Although I must admit that the possibilities look promising.
Questions are
Will the casuals care?
Anyone that thinks deep down is actual gameplay needs a reality check.

Super pumped for Watch Dogs. Person of Interest: The Game is like a dream come true.